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Check flight log of DJI drone / View flight path

Here, we introduce how to Check the flight log of DJI drone, how to View flight path. Click here for more information on DJI Mavic Mini.

Check with the DJI Fly app

First, this is a simple way to check the flight log using the DJI Fly app.
PC Launch the (DJI Fly) app and tap “Profile”.
PC Tap “More” at the bottom left of the profile screen.
PC Then “Flight Data Center” will be displayed. Your previous flight records are listed here. Tap the flight record you want to see details about.
PC The flight log is displayed on the map like this.
Tap the icon to start playing the log. Information such as drone position, distance from home point, speed, battery level, Wi-Fi strength, etc. will be updated as time passes.
Tap icon during log playback to change the playback speed to 2x, 4x, or 8x.
If you drag the timeline at the bottom of the screen to the left or right, you can immediately recall the state of any time.
PC When you tap icon, you will see a screen like this. The operation status of the control stick is displayed over the map screen.
PC When you tap icon, you will see a screen like this. When you tap “Aircraft”, the map position will be adjusted so that the drone position at that time becomes the center of the screen. Tap “Home Point” to adjust the map position so that the home point is at the center of the screen.
PC When you tap icon, you will see a screen like this. The display method of the map can be switched to “Standard”, “Satellite photo”, “Mixed of both”.

Write log to video file

PC Flight log information can be written to the subtitle track of videos shot with DJI drone. To do this, tap (Settings) icon at the top right of the screen with the DJI Fly app, open [Camera]-[Advanced Settings] screen and turn タッチパネル:ON(ON) [Video Subtitles]. This setting is ON by default.
PC If you play the video shot by DJI drone with video playback software that can display subtitles such as VLC media player and select display subtitle, you can see that the log is recorded like this. Shooting parameters, GPS location information, distance and height from home point, speed, etc. are recorded.
With DroneViewer , you can play the video and display the log recorded subtitle track graphically.

Using AIRDATA service

AIRDATA is a flight record analysis site that visualizes drone flight logs uploaded to the cloud. If you are using supported Parrot or DJI drone, simply register each account and it will automatically upload and analyze the flight log. You can manage all drone flight logs at once. You can use it free of charge if you only manage 100 flights recently. See How to use AIRDATA Managing drone flight logs in the cloud for details.

Extract log text file

In the DJI Fly app, the flight log “DJIFlightRecord” is saved in the form of a text file. If you take this out to a computer and apply it to various tools, you can check the detailed flight log. However, the extracted text file cannot be viewed directly with an editor.

For Windows PC / Mac OS Mojave or earlier

PC Start (iTunes) and connect your iPhone to your computer with a USB cable. Open the iPhone screen and select [File Sharing]- (DJI Fly) to display the files saved in the DJI Fly app.
Flight logs are stored in the “FlightRecords” folder. Take the entire folder.
PC Select the “FlightRecords” folder, scroll the screen and click the “Save” button. Then, the screen for selecting the save destination is displayed, so specify an arbitrary folder.
For detailed instructions, please refer to How to insert / extract files in iPhone with iTunes (Japanese) page.
PC Flight log can be taken out together with the folder like this.

For Mac OS Catalina or later

PC Start (Finder) and connect your iPhone to the computer with the USB cable. Open the iPhone screen and select [File]- (DJI Fly) to display the files saved in the DJI Fly app.
Flight logs are stored in the “FlightRecords” folder. Drag and drop the whole folder to the desktop, for example.
PC Flight log can be taken out together with the folder like this.

View log text with DJI Flight Log Viewer

DJI Flight Log Viewer , an online service developed by Mike Singer, who operates the DJI product information site Mavic Help , makes it easy to visualize log text retrieved from the DJI Fly app.
PC When you open the page of DJI Flight Log Viewer , it will look like this. Check “I am not a robot”, click the “Browse” button just below it, and select the log text file you want to upload.
PC The screen looks like this. Click the “Upload Log” button.
PC The screen looks like this. The upper part of the screen shows the flight path, attitude, and control stick operations on the map. Drag the green circle on the timeline displayed below the map to the left or right to view the status at any time. In the lower part of the screen, the log details are displayed in one line per item. Click here to see the status at that time.
Click [Small | Medium | Large] at the bottom right of the map to change the display area of the map on the screen.
PC Click [Download KML | CSV | Verbose CSV | Flight Log] at the bottom left of the map to download the log file converted to each format.
PC Select [Download KML] to download a “.kml / .kmz” file. If you open a file in KML format with Google Earth , you can display the flight path in 3D like this. By moving the viewpoint, you can check the flight path three-dimensionally.
Mike Singer also sells Flight Reader , a software for visualizing log text offline that can be used on Windows 7 or later. You can register and use up to 3 DJI drones with a minimum of USD99. (Minimum USD49 is required for software updates after one year of use.)

Retrieve logs using DJI Assistant 2

DJI Assistant 2
Free Drone maintenance software for PC provided by DJI:“DJI Assistant 2” allows you to retrieve log files in .DAT format from drones and use a “simulator” to fly the drone on the computer screen. See How to use DJI Assistant 2 / Log collection / Simulator for details.