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How to use DJI Assistant 2 / Log collection / Simulator

Here, we introduce how to use DJI Assistant 2, how to collect log, how to use simulator. Click here for more information on DJI Mavic Mini.

What is DJI Assistant 2

DJI Assistant 2 is free maintenance software for Mavic series provided by DJI. Works with Windows PC or Mac. What you can do with this software depends on the model of the drone you are connecting. In the case of DJI Mavic Mini, three functions can be used: firmware update, retrieval of a log file for investigation (.DAT file), and a simple flight simulator.

Install DJI Assistant 2

PC DJI Assistant 2 can be obtained from the DJI download page . There are three types of software: “DJI Assistant 2”, “DJI Assistant 2 For Mavic” and “DJI Assistant 2 For Phantom”. Please note that the supported models are different for each software. DJI Assistant 2 For Mavic is compatible with Mavic Mini.
There is nothing special to note about the installation. Follow the on-screen instructions to install.
PC When installation is complete, DJI Assistant 2 starts automatically. First, you will see a Windows Firewall warning like this. Click “Allow access”.
PC A notice like this is displayed then. When connecting the Mavic Mini to a computer, it is a cautionary statement that it should be connected to the computer within 20 seconds after the Mavic Mini is turned on. Click “Confirm”.
PC Next, the software license agreement is displayed. Click “Agree”.
PC Next, the privacy policy is displayed. Click “Agree”.
PC Next, the screen for permission to access data appears. Specify whether to allow access to account information and device information. When using with Mavic Mini, both can be left off. Click “Next”.
PC Finally, you will be asked if you want to participate in the product improvement program. If you are willing to participate, click "Join Product Improvement Program".
PC The installation and initial settings are now complete. You can change the language by clicking on “English” in the upper right corner of the screen.

Connect DJI drone to computer

PC First, start DJI Assistant 2 on your computer. Then set the battery in the DJI drone and start it. Connect the USB port for charging the drone and the computer with a USB cable. In case of Mavic Mini, connect to PC within 20 seconds after turning on the power of the drone. Then the name of the drone is displayed like this, so click it.
PC A menu like this appears. For Mavic Mini, you can select firmware update, log export (retrieve the log file for investigation (.DAT file)), and simulator (simple flight simulator).

Update firmware using DJI Assistant 2

Note: DJI Assistant 2 can only update the drone itself. To update the controller and battery firmware, you need to update using the DJI Fly app. See the DJI Mavic Mini knowledge page for how to update firmware using DJI Fly app.
PC Select "Update Firmware" from the menu on the left. Then you will see a screen like this. Click “Release Notes” to read the release notes for that version. Click icon at the top right of the screen to update to the latest status. A button will be displayed when an update is available. Click this.
PC Then, such a notice is displayed. Connect your PC to the Internet, turn on the drone, and do not disconnect USB cable. Make sure the drone battery has enough power.
When you are ready, click “Start Upgrade”.
PC The firmware download from the Internet starts. Download is completed in about 1 minute.
PC Next, the firmware is transferred from the PC to the drone. This step also takes about one minute.
PC Finally, the firmware update inside the drone begins. The drone restarts several times. This step takes only a few minutes.
PC When this screen appears, the firmware update is complete. After the update, the drone is normally powered off. Remove the drone from your computer.

Retrieve logs using DJI Assistant 2

With DJI Assistant 2, you can retrieve flight logs (.DAT files) stored in drones. This can be used to send a DJI for investigation when a drone malfunction, or to review your flight using various tools.
For details on the log analysis tool, see the Check flight log of DJI drone / View flight path and How to use AIRDATA Managing drone flight logs in the cloud pages.
PC Select “Log Export” from the menu on the left. Then, such precautions are displayed. It is recommended to restart the drone after performing “Log Export”. Click “Confirm”.
PC The screen looks like this. Click “Save to local”. Then the screen for selecting the save destination will be displayed, so select any folder.
PC If the log is saved successfully, this screen will appear. The log file is saved in the specified folder with a file name such as “EXPORT_FILE_2019-12-16_09-52-55.DAT”.
Using a tool called DatCon , you can convert .DAT files to .CSV files.

Use Mavic simulator with DJI Assistant 2

DJI Assistant 2 has a built-in drone simulator. When you connect a DJI drone to a computer, you can fly it on the computer screen.
PC First, start DJI Assistant 2 on your computer.
Next, connect the controller and the smartphone, and start the (DJI Fly) app. Insert a USB cable into the drone to connect to a computer.
DJI instructs you to remove all drone propellers in case something goes wrong, but if the simulator starts up correctly, the motor will not spin during the simulation.
Turn on the controller and drone, and connect the drone to the computer with the USB cable.
When connected to a computer correctly, “Connecting to DJI Assistant 2” is displayed on the (DJI Fly) app screen.
PC In DJI Assistant 2, select “Simulator” from the menu on the left. Then it will be like this screen, so click “Open”.
PC Then this screen will appear. You can specify latitude, longitude and wind speed to simulate. The north-south wind speed is specified by the “North component”, the east-west wind speed is specified by the “East component”, and the vertical wind speed is specified by the “Downward component”.
Click “Start Simulating” to start the simulation.
PC A new window will open and the drone will be displayed. The (DJI Fly) app switches to the camera view screen. You can operate the simulator by operating the controller in the same way as flying a real machine.
Click on this screen and move the mouse on the computer to move the viewpoint.
PC If you right-click on the screen where the drone is displayed, such a setting screen will be displayed.
If you check the “show trace”, the flight path will be displayed on the simulation screen.
If you check “save trace to file”, the log file that records the flight trajectory will be saved in text format. A folder named [TRACE_FILES]-[(Date and time of execution)] is created under the folder indicated by “save path”, and the log is saved under the name “trace.txt”.
PC This is the screen showing the flight path.
PC Click “Stop Simulating” to end the simulation.
DJI has released a DJI flight simulator that allows more realistic simulations for business users.