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Initial settings for DJI Fly app

Here, we introduce Initial settings for DJI Fly app. Click here for more information on DJI Mavic Mini.

Install DJI Fly app

  • DJI Fly

    DJI Photo / Video Free

    It is a control application for DJI drone drone. The DJI Fly app is designed to make it easy for anyone to fly a drone. Intuitive interface and spacious camera view. An easy-to-understand flight tutorial that allows you to quickly master flight operations. A search function that allows you to see a good-looking flight location and nearby GEO areas. Advanced editing features including various tools and templates that can be edited and shared immediately.

Initial settings for DJI Fly app

PC Tap the (DJI Fly) icon to launch the app. A product introduction video will flow first, followed by a screen like this. Tap “Set All”.
PC Then you will be asked to access "Photos". In order to store videos and photos taken by DJI drone on your iPhone, app need access to “Photos”.
Tap “OK”.
PC Next, "Notification" permission is requested. (Depending on the timing, the order of request for “Photo”, “Notification” and “Location information” may change.) Tap “Allow” to receive notifications about DJI drone.
PC Next, permission to use "location information" is requested. To record DJI drone flights and display flight paths on a map, permission to use "location information" is required.
Tap “Allow While Using App”.
PC Next, the terms of use for the app are displayed.
Tap “Agree”.
PC Next is a confirmation screen for collecting various information. Set OFF / ON as you like. These settings can be changed later in the [Profile]-[Settings]-[Privacy] menu. See How to use DJI Fly app page for more information.
Tap “Next”.
PC Next is a confirmation screen for participation in the product improvement project. Choose whether to provide DJI with your DJI drone and app records to improve the product.
Choose according to your preference.

Log in with your DJI account

First, register for a DJI account and log in. If you log in and register, your flight time and other records are uploaded to DJI's cloud and can be viewed as flight logs anytime. Flight time is useful when you need to apply for a flight permit in the future.
PC After completing the initial settings for DJI Fly app, login screen will be displayed. If it is not displayed, tap "Profile" from the top screen of the app ...
PC Then tap "Log in".
PC This is the login screen.
If you registered in the past with a DJI drone control app such as DJI GO, or when shopping at the DJI official shop, enter that login ID and password. If not, you can also register as a new user. First, enter your email address and tap "Next".
If you do not want to login / register, tap “Skip” in the upper right.
PC Next, think about the password and enter it. Password must be 8 to 20 characters long and must contain letters, numbers and symbols. When you enter the password that meets the conditions, "Done" button will be enabled, so tap it.
PC Then this screen will appear. This is “Capture” to confirm that the input person is a human. Enter the 4-digit alphabet and numbers displayed on the right in the input area on the left and tap “Next”.

User guide video

PC Next, a simple user guide video of about 30 seconds will be displayed. Tap "Start" to watch the video, "Skip" to not watch.
You can watch this video as many times as you like from [Profile]-[Settings]-[Replay Beginner Guide].

Initial setup complete

PC The initial setup of the DJI Fly app is complete.