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How to install ExpressLRS Configurator

Here, we will show you how to install ExpressLRS Configurator on your Windows PC. ExpressLRS Configurator can be used to rewrite and upgrade the firmware of ELRS transmitters and receivers.

Download ExpressLRS Configurator

PC Open ExpressLRS official site . Then click "Download Configurator" from the top screen.
PC Alternatively, open ExpressLRS Configurator page on GitHub. Then click "Releases" from the menu on the right. Also you can move to latest version of the page by clicking "Latest".
There is also a version called "ExpressLRS-Configurator-Nightlies" on GitHub ExpressLRS page, but since this is a Nightly build, a so-called beta version, it may be unstable or contain bugs. This version is for developers, so please do not use it for general users.
PC Then "ExpressLRS Configurator" release page will open. This screen allows you to download any version of ExpressLRS Configurator, including past versions. At the top is the latest version.
Using the RC version
The version with "RC.1" or "RC.2" e.t.c. written after the version number is the RC (Release Candidate) version. The RC version is under evaluation and may contain bugs. So general users should avoid using it as much as possible.
PC If you scroll this screen, in "Assets" column, there are download links for each OS. Click this to download the installation module. Please refer to the table below and click the link that matches your OS.
For Windows, click the file name ending in ".exe". The file size is about 180MB and can be downloaded in about 30 seconds.
Installation module
OSFile name
Windows (8, 10, 11) ExpressLRS-Configurator-Setup-[version].exe
Mac OS X ExpressLRS-Configurator-[version].dmg
Ubuntu, debian xpresslrs-configurator_[version]_amd64.deb
Arch expresslrs-configurator-[version].pacman
Red Hat, Fedora, CentOS expresslrs-configurator-[version].x86_64.rpm
Other Linux expresslrs-configurator-[version].zip

Install ExpressLRS Configurator

PC Double-click the downloaded ExpressLRS Configurator installation module to start the installation.
First screen is a choice of whether to install for "all users" or "current users" of your computer. Please select according to your preference.
PC Next is the specification of the installation folder. You don't need to change anything. Click "Install".
PC Then installation will start. Installation will be completed in a few seconds.
PC Installation is complete when a screen like this appears. Click "Finish".
PC Then ExpressLRS Configurator will start. For Windows, a firewall warning is displayed. Click "Allow access".
PC ExpressLRS Configurator has started successfully.

Version up ExpressLRS Configurator

PC When the version of ExpressLRS Configurator can be upgraded, message "Found updates, do you want update now?" is displayed at startup. Click "Sure" if you want to update.
PC Then you will see a message like this. The update module will be downloaded in the background. Click "OK". You can continue working as it is.
PC You will see a message like this when the update module download is complete. Click "Restart" to update.
PC Then ExpressLRS Configurator will exit and the installer will start. The steps that follow are the same as during the initial installation.