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Stick (Gimbal) calibration

Here, we will introduce stick calibration method of OpenTX / EdgeTX radio.
The same operation is possible with any radio that uses OpenTX / EdgeTX. However, keyswitch assignments / functions differ depending on model, and screen / menu configuration differs depending on installed version of OpenTX / EdgeTX.

Drone's flight is strange !? Stick broke !?

If you feel drone is behaving strangely, or if you feel stick is broken, first check the main screen below. If you feel something is wrong with your flight or drone simulator , check these screens to find out where the cause lies.
Transmitter output value : Output Monitor
PC In this "CHANNELS (MIXERS) MONITOR" (Output Monitor) screen, value of each channel output from the radio (transmitter) is displayed as a bar graph. You can see the actual output value of each channel processed and synthesized on MIXES screen of "MODEL menu".
Make sure bar graph moves smoothly as you move each stick.
Stick input value : Input Monitor
PC In this Input Monitor screen, one of the main screens, current input state of sticks and switches recognized by radio is displayed as an illustration.
Make sure illustration moves smoothly as you move each stick.

Stick calibration

Before using radio, or if actual operation and output of the radio deviate from each other, calibrate sticks and dials (Pot: Potentiometer) so that they can be read correctly.
PC Enter "RADIO(SYSTEM) menu", open "HARDWARE" screen, move cursor to [Calibration], and press [ENTER].
PC On color display models, open "HARDWARE" screen and select "Calibration" in "Inputs" section. The calibration procedure is the same as for monochrome display models.
PC Status of sticks and dials (Pot) is displayed on the screen. Press [ENTER].
PC Then you will see a screen like this. Center all sticks and dials (Pot) and press ENTER.
PC Next, you will see a screen like this. Move all sticks and dials (Pot) all the way up, down, left and right. The on-screen display, which was initially rattling, can now be followed smoothly by moving sticks and dials (Pot) all the way up, down, left and right many times. Then press [ENTER].
Be careful how to move sticks
When calibrating, move sticks up / down and left / right so that it passes through the center position. Please note that if you rotate the stick in a circular motion, you will not be able to calibrate correctly.
PC You will be returned to this screen. This completes the calibration. Press [EXIT] key twice to return to main screen.

When should calibration be done?

Calibrating the stick is not "do it once first and then finish". It depends on how often you use the radio, but I think it's best to calibrate it roughly once every 2-3 months.
PC Normally, radio stick has a pulse length in the range of about ± 0.5 μsec when centered. However, one of the axes may suddenly shift to a value of about ± 1.0 μsec or more one day. When this happens, drone suddenly doesn't fly the way you want, or you feel like you became not good at maneuvering. Check the value in the center of the stick every time you turn on the radio, and calibrate if the center is off.

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