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Introducing VelociDrone's scene for beginners

Racing drones / FPV drones simulator "Veloci Drone" has a large number of scene / tracks, but beginners are wondering where to start because there are no indicators such as difficulty. Here, we will mainly introduce scene that is suitable for beginners' practice.
In addition, how to play "Veloci Drone" in general is explained on the page of How to play VelociDrone FPV drone racing simulator .

Tips for improving

VelociDrone has so many scenes / tracks so you will want to try new scenes / tracks one after another at first . However, to improve, it is effective to concentrate on one track and fly repeatedly. Choose one, especially the track you want to be good at, and fly dozens of times. If you can fly reasonably well on the selected track, you will be able to fly well on other similar tracks.
Setting a custom reset point (keyboard shortcut [L]) is useful when you want to practice a particular part of a track repeatedly.
And don't forget to choose a drone and angle of FPV camera that matches the track you choose. For narrower tracks, you can fly better with a smaller drone. On courses where you can fly faster, you can fly better by increasing the angle of FPV camera.

Scenes for beginners

[Countryside]-[3D Championship 2016]
PC It is a simple track with gates and flags arranged at intervals in the vast grassland, and is recommended for beginners' first practice. Here you can practice basic turns. However, the track is wide, so be careful not to overspeed. There are two 360-degree turns of the flag, you can not turn at high speed unless you combine the throttle, rudder, aileron, and elevator exquisitely.
There are several other tracks in the scene [Countryside] that beginners can fly. In particular, the track [HDR-Trainer-LEVLE1]-[HDR-Trainer-LEVLE5] is set so that the difficulty level increases step by step.
Also, from [level 01 pylons] to [level 15 Lets race] of the scene [Empty Scene Day], there is a simple track similar to this scene that beginners can practice step by step. Please try it.
[Empty Scene Day]-[level 01 pylons]
PC 15 tracks from [level 01 pylons] to [level 15 Lets race] of the scene [Empty Scene Day], start with a simple track as shown in this figure, are tracks beginners can practice various obstacles that appear on race track step by step.
However, it is difficult to master up to [level 15 Lets race] at once, so I think it is good to go back to this track and step up from time to time while enjoying the other tracks below.
[Karting Track]-[Track Lap]
PC Here you can fly along the kart racing course. This is the best track for early practice in Rate mode. You can enjoy it as if you were playing a race car game.
[Football Stadium]-[FPV Dutchman Insanity]
PC There are several 3D gates on the high speed track here. If you fly after getting used to Rate mode to some extent, you can learn more precise track taking. It is a fun track to fly with a sense of speed and difficulty that is suitable for beginners.
[Subway]-[All Stations]
PC It is a track that flies in the subway of New York (?) That is realistically reproduced. Fly through the tunnels between the three stations. Be careful not to hit the wall as the tunnel is dark.
[Football Stadium]-[FPV Dutchman Split-S Left]
PC As the track name suggests, this is a track where you can take special training for split-S (turning 180 degrees in the vertical direction). After passing through the brown gate in the figure, [1] Roll 180 degrees for back flight. [2] Pull elevator quickly for pitch up to turn 180 degrees in the vertical direction. [3] Press the elevator and throttle to shift to level flight. perform in an instant. You have to push the elevator immediately after pulling it, which makes it difficult to get the timing. I think it's best to practice at a high enough place at first.
By the way, the turn that first makes a 180-degree vertical turn and then returns to horizontal flight with a 180-degree roll is called an Immelmann turn. If you fly in the opposite direction on this track, you can get a special training on the Immelmann turn.
[Basketball Stadium]-[BallinHand]
PC This is a three-dimensional long track constructed using the entire stadium. Even if you fly slowly, it is difficult for beginners to reach the end, but it is a track that is as fun as riding a roller coaster.
You can learn precise track taking not only in the horizontal direction but also in ascending and descending.
[Basketball Stadium]-[Rebound_one] is a similar track, but with two vertical dives.
PC It is a track set in the port. Cargo ships, containers, cranes, etc. are realistically reproduced, and you can enjoy it just by flying leisurely. There are many tracks in [Coastal], but the first [HDR-Cargo 1.8.6] is the easiest and for beginners. There is one place that requires a 180 degree vertical turn. Let's go through with Split-S.
[Dynamic Weather]-[Boners Arena]
PC [Dynamic Weather] has a lot of spectacular scenes with detailed. Especially [Boners] series are all well designed. Since you can not understand the flight course in free flight mode, cick flag(flag) icon to start Time Attack and rely on gate navigation to fly.
[Dynamic Weather]-[KLG Team Race]
PC Also from [Dynamic Weather], this is a short track where you can pursue speed. The track is easy to understand and even beginners can enjoy speed.
[Dynamic Weather]-[Quad Rivals Ladders from Hell DW]
PC Also from [Dynamic Weather], this is a track where you can thoroughly practice the flight of the three-stage gate (Ladder) that turns round and round, which often appears on the competition track. It is a technical track that makes you desperate when you start flying. Anyway here you have to turn around many times. Be careful not to over rotate your eyes.
[Empty Scene Day]-[FMR Sky High]
PC [Empty Scene] series has a simple background, so you can enjoy it even on a low-performance computer. And there are many different types of tracks. This [FMR Sky High] is a track built in the air and has a thrilling and open feeling. The track is relatively easy to understand and even beginners can enjoy it.
[Empty Scene Day]-[HDR-Apples-Orchards1.9.3]
PC Another speed track from [Empty Scene Day] series, which is relatively narrow and has many curves. Beginners will enjoy this track as the time will be shortened each time they fly. In one place, the collision detection of the flag shown in the figure is strict, and it is difficult to take the track.
In addition, tracks that name begin with [HDR-] that follows this corse are all like race car game, mainly only horizontal turns are required. So these are easy tracks for beginners.
[Empty Scene Night]-[FPV Dutchman Neon Flash]
PC This track is similar to [Football Stadium]-[FPV Dutchman Insanity]. However, the guides lined up under the track get in the way, so more severe maneuvers are required. I think this track is the easiest to fly in the scene [Empty Scene Night].
[Industrial Wasteland]-[Industrial Flag Race]
PC It is a scene with motif of abandoned factory. Anyone who has practiced so far will be able to fly any track in this scene relatively easily. Each track is narrow and requires more delicate operation than ever before. First [Industrial Flag Race] is the easiest I think.
[Bando]-[VRL Season 4 Track 2]
PC It is a track to fly outdoors and indoors in a large abandoned building. You need to fly fast and technically. A well thought out track is a lot of fun to fly. The next track [VRL-Bando-Jungle] is also a fun track.
PC Scene River 2 is a scene reminiscent of medieval Europe. A large river flows through the vast undulating scene, and old castles are built in the mountains. All tracks are relatively easy to fly, but I recommend this track and TBS-Live-Race-8 at the end of list.
[Future Hanger]-[Pylons]
PC This is a perfect scene for scenic flights, with beautifully crafted near-future sci-fi details. Track is still simple, but feel free to fly off the track. This hanger has 3 floors. Find a way to go up to the 2nd and 3rd floors from inside the building. You can enjoy it just by flying leisurely and looking at it. Due to the large number of polygons, video cards with low video memory can cause image corruption.
[Future Hanger]-[VRL7 Track 1]
PC There is another large building in the vast field of [Future Hanger]. A spaceship(?) is parked here. Track is set outdoors, but once inside the building, there are bathrooms and bedrooms in the building, and drink packs are placed on the desks, elaborate scene!. You can only enter the building from the entrance. If you try to enter through the window, you will crash :). It's also fun to fly in the desolate scene outside the building.

Scenes for TinyWhoop

From here, we will introduce scenes for TinyWhoop. Start with a smaller 65mm Whoop, such as the Meteor 65 or Mobula 6. Unlike tracks introduced so far, you need more delicate control by operating throttle lower and slowing down speed. Fly slowly and carefully at first, as you would when flying in a house. Also, devise how to hold the radio and how to support the stick.
The one that says "TinyWhoop exclusive scene" is included in the optional content "Micro Class Quads".
Since there are still few Tiny Whoop players, it's easy to get higher rankings on LEADERBORD than on other tracks.
PC This is TinyWhoop exclusive scene, fly a fashionable studio apartment with a loft. The track is simple. For those who usually fly Tiny Whoop indoors, I think it's a relatively easy scene.
[Indoor GoKart]-[Beta 2S Power Race 8]
PC [Indoor GoKart] is a scene with indoor go-kart motif. All of them have easy-to-fly tracks, but this is the only narrow track for Tiny Whoop. I think this track is the most difficult in [Indoor GoKart] scene.
[Large Car Park]-[Altitude]
PC This is 4-story underground(?) car park. The feeling that the ground is wet is well expressed. The ground is wet, and Gate Sound and Voice Announcements are echoed, giving an indoor atmosphere. Due to the low roof, this scene mainly focuses on horizontal turns. We're introducing first tracks here, but they're all about the same level of difficulty.
PC This is TinyWhoop exclusive scene, like a university library. Unfortunately, there aren't many tracks that take advantage of the details of this library. However, each track requires more delicate stick operation than any previous track. I think the track [Speed Reading] is the most fun to fly.
[Subway]-[Beta 2S Power Race 1]
PC It is a track to fly in a burning subway car. The accuracy of track taking is more important than speed. Trains have a large number of polygons, so a video card with low video memory can cause image corruption. Following this, [Micro Lobby Run - Bouser FPV] and [Micro Rush Hour] are also tracks for Tiny Whoop.
[Sports Hall]-[MICROGYM]
PC It is a scene with a gymnasium motif, and all are narrow tracks for Tiny Whoop. If you want to participate in TinyWhoop race, you want to win all the tracks. Unfortunately, there aren't many tracks that beginners can fly and enjoy because of the difficulty, but this MICROGYM is a maze-like and interesting track.
PC This is TinyWhoop exclusive scene with the motif of a luxury night club. Only 4 tracks have been set yet. It's good to hone your skills with a time attack along the track, but it's also fun to fly around the nightclub freely. In addition to the main dance floor with psychedelic lighting, there are several small floors, a VIP room separated by magic mirrors, a bar, and even a toilet. Please enjoy the realistic details. Due to the large number of polygons, video cards with low video memory can cause image corruption.
[Bando]-[Betafpv 2s Power Finals]
PC First 7 tracks of scene [Bando] are for Tiny Whoop. All are tracks that fly around in abandoned buildings. I think the first [Betafpv 2s Power Finals] is relatively easy to fly.
[River2]-[Beta 2S Power Race 2]
PC This is a track for low-power drones that flies over a small fort in the mountains. MICRO_medieval in the same scene is also a narrow track set in the same fort.
[Basketball Stadium]-[NBD Micro Series Race 7]
PC This is a small track built in a corner of the basketball stadium. Although it is for TinyWhoop, it has a large height difference ascending and descending, and difficult to clear unless you are accustomed to flying in the vertical direction.
[NEC Birmingham]-[WeBleed eSports Track 5]
PC This is an indoor race course for TinyWhoop. Colorful design, exquisitely placed obstacles, and a course that requires delicate control unique to TinyWhoop. It's a difficult course, but it's also an interesting course where you learn techniques every time you fly.
[Industrial Wasteland]-[Newbeedrone Championships]
PC Fly in a coal mine-like scene. The whole track is narrow and intricate. In addition, there are many bumps on the ground, so once you crash, you will crash again without doing anything during restoration, and it will be difficult to proceed. It is a tough track that requires almost no crash to fly to the end.
PC This is a track using playset in the park. The track is short, but you have to fly up, down, left and right in narrow space accurately. It's quite difficult.
PC This is TinyWhoop exclusive scene that imitates a typical Western suburban mansion. Great for practicing flying through the house. However, it takes about 60 hours of flight experience to be able to fly freely in this narrow race track in Rate mode. There are many rooms from the basement to the second floor. Try go around all the rooms.
FPV drone racing simulator VelociDrone - Scene : Countryside / Track : MICROPlayground
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