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Apollo project chronology

From LittleJoe-II to Saturn-V, many rockets were used for develop APOLLO spaceship. 11 flights were manned mission in total 33 flight. Here, I tried to summarize the launch of all Apollo program missions.

Apollo program insignia

About Apollo number

The mission of AS-201 and AS-202 with Apollo CSM had been unofficially called as Apollo 1 and Apollo 2.
But after AS-204 tragedy, in the spring of 1967, NASA's Associate Administrator for Manned Space Flight, Dr. George E. Mueller, announced the AS-204 mission would be called as Apollo 1 in honor of the crew. And AS-501 was called Apollo 4 as before. So no missions were ever designated Apollo 2 and Apollo 3.
And Saturn-1B booster SA-204 which was assigned for AS-204, was used for Apollo 5.

Apollo mission type classification

In the Apollo project, 10 types of missions were planned, from A mission to J mission, depending on the content.
AUnmannedSaturn V booster and CM re-entry testApollo 4, 6
BUnmannedLM unattended testApollo 5
CmannedTesting of CSM, residential equipment and navigation systems in earth orbitApollo 7
DmannedCSM and LM integrated operation test in earth orbitApollo 9
EmannedCSM and LM integrated operation test in deep spaceNot implemented
FmannedRehearsal for lunar landingApollo 10
GmannedLunar landing missionApollo 11
HmannedLunar exploration with full-scale equipment on LM for more advanced lunar explorationApollo 12,13,14
ImannedLunar exploration with CSM equipped with remote sensing equipment. No lunar landing.Not implemented
JmannedLunar exploration using LM that can stay on the moon for a long time.Apollo 15,16,17
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All of Apollo missions

Color meaning.
PurpleTest FlightLaunch vehicle and spacecraft deveropment flight
BlueAbort testApollo spacecraft abort test
GreenTrajectory flightTrajectory flight
YellowThe earth orbit flightThe earth orbit flight
OrangeThe moon orbit flightThe moon orbit flight
RedThe moon landing flightThe moon landing flight

All of Apollo missions