Mission Designation Launch date Vehicle Vehicle No. Launch pad Payload Mission Objectives / Accomplishments
Saturn-Apollo Oct.27.1961 10:06 EST Saturn1 SA-1 PAD34 Water for ballast, dummy second stage and Jupiter nose cone. Saturn I launch vehicle first-stage booster research & development
Saturn-Apollo Apr.25.1962 09:00:34 EST Saturn1 SA-2 PAD34 Water for ballast, dummy second stage and Jupiter nose cone. launch vehicle test and water ballast payload/experiment
Saturn-Apollo Nov.16.1962 12:45:02 EST Saturn1 SA-3 PAD34 Water for ballast, dummy second stage and Jupiter nose cone. launch vehicle test and water ballast payload/experiment
Saturn-Apollo Mar.28.1963 15:11:55 EST Saturn1 SA-4 PAD34 Water for ballast, dummy second stage and Jupiter nose cone. tested premature engine cutoff capabilities
Pad-Abort-Test-1 Nov.07.1963 09:00:01 MST (none) (none) WSMR Area#3 BP(Boilerplate)-6 Use only BP and LES.Test LES capability to propel a CM in Lanch pad.
Saturn-Apollo Jan.29.1964 11:25:01 EST Saturn1 SA-5 PAD37B live second stage (S-IV) and IU,Jupiter nose cone. first flight test of S-IV second stage
A-001 May.13.1964 05:59:59.7 MST LittleJoeII-2 (none) WSMR LC36 BP-12 Test LES capability in the high-dynamic-pressure (transonic) region of the saturn trajectory.
A-101/Saturn-Apollo May.28.1964 12:07:00 EST Saturn1 SA-6 PAD37B CSM boilerplate(BP)-13, LES carried first boilerplate Apollo Command & Service module, live LES
A-102/Saturn-Apollo Sep.18.1964 11:22:43 EST Saturn1 SA-7 PAD37B BP-15 similar testing as with SA-6; also demoed launch escape jettison
A-002 Dec.08.1964 08:00:00: MST LittleJoeII-3 (none) WSMR LC36 BP-23 Test LES capability in the maximum dynamic pressure region of the saturn trajectory.
A-103/Saturn-Apollo(Pegasus1) Feb.16.1965 09:37:03 EST Saturn1 SA-9 PAD37B BP-16 & Pegasus A (meteoroid detection satellite) carried boilerplate Apollo spacecraft and Pegasus satellite
A-003 May.19.1965 06:01:04 MST LittleJoeII-4 (none) WSMR LC36 BP-22 Test LES capability at an altitude approximating the upper limit for the canard subsystem.
A-104/Saturn-Apollo(Pegasus2) May.25.1965 02:35:01 EST Saturn1 SA-8 PAD37B BP-26 & Pegasus B carried boilerplate Apollo spacecraft and Pegasus satellite
Pad-Abort-Test-2 Jun.29.1965 06:00:01 MST (none) (none) WSMR LC36 BP-23A(modified BP-23 used in A-002) Test LES capability to propel a CM in Lanch pad before ignition.
A-105/Saturn-Apollo(Pegasus2) Jul.30.1965 08:00:00 EST Saturn1 SA-10 PAD37B BP-9A & Pegasus C carried boilerplate Apollo spacecraft and Pegasus satellite
A-004 Jan.20.1966 08:17:01 MST LittleJoeII-5 (none) WSMR LC36 CSM-002(Block1) First flight of Block-I CSM.Test stabilize in high rate of tumbling after abort.
AS-201/Apollo-Saturn Feb.26.1966 11:12:01 EST Saturn1B SA-201 PAD34 CSM-009(Block1) First Saturn-1B flight.Unmanned test of command module heat shield,emergency detection system. Called Apollo 1 unofficially.
AS-203/Apollo-Saturn Jul.05.1966 10:53:17 EST Saturn1B SA-203 PAD37B S-IVB, IU, LH2, nose cone Unmanned test of Saturn S-IVB stage on erath orbit.CSM has not carried.
AS-202/Apollo-Saturn Aug.25.1966 13:15:32 EST Saturn1B SA-202 PAD34 CSM-011(Block1) Unmanned test of rocket's reliability. Called Apollo 2 unofficially.
AS-204/Apollo 1 - Saturn1B SA-204 PAD34 CSM-012(Block1) First planned manned mission; crew killed in 1/27/67 fire during rehearsal. Called as Apollo 1 in honor of the crew.
AS-501/Apollo 4 Nov.09.1967 07:00:01 EST SaturnV SA-501 PAD39A CM-017(Block1), SM-020, LTMA Unmanned test (first) of Saturn V; test of CM heat shield at high speed.
AS-204/Apollo 5 Jan.22.1968 17:48:08 EST Saturn1B SA-204 (planned to use for Apollo 1) PAD37B LM-1 & nosecone (replacing the CSM) Unmanned test of Lunar Module
AS-502/Apollo 6 Apr.04.1968 07:00:01 EST SaturnV SA-502 PAD39A CM-020(Block1), SM-014, LTMA-2R Final man-rating (last unmanned flight)
AS-205/Apollo 7 Oct.11-22.1968 11:02:45 EST Saturn1B SA-205 PAD34 CSM-101 First manned Apollo flight; practiced rendezvous in Earth orbit
AS-503/Apollo 8 Dec.21-27.1968 07:51:00 EST SaturnV SA-503 PAD39A CSM-103, LMTA First manned flight to orbit the moon
AS-504/Apollo 9 Mar.03-13.1969 11:00:00 EST SaturnV SA-504 PAD39A CSM-104, LM-3 Tested Lunar Module in Earth orbit
AS-505/Apollo 10 May.18-26.1969 12:49:00 EST SaturnV SA-505 PAD39B CSM-106, LM-4 Tested Lunar Module in lunar orbit
AS-506/Apollo 11 Jul.16-24.1969 09:32:00 EST SaturnV SA-506 PAD39A CSM-107, LM-5 First lunar landing (Sea of Tranquility)
AS-507/Apollo 12 Nov.14-24.1969 11:22:00 EST SaturnV SA-507 PAD39A CSM-108, LM-6 Second lunar landing (Ocean of Storms)
AS-508/Apollo 13 Apr.11-17.1970 14:13:00 EST SaturnV SA-508 PAD39A CSM-109, LM-7 Mission aborted by SM oxygen tank explosion.
AS-509/Apollo 14 Jan.31-Feb.09.1971 16:03:00 EST SaturnV SA-509 PAD39A CSM-110, LM-8 Third lunar landing (Fra Mauro)
AS-510/Apollo 15 Jul.26-Aug.07.1971 09:34:00 EST SaturnV SA-510 PAD39A CSM-112, LM-10 Fourth lunar landing (Hadley-Appenine region);first use of "Rover" vehicle on moon
AS-511/Apollo 16 Apr.16-27.1972 12:54:00 EST SaturnV SA-511 PAD39A CSM-113, LM-11 Fifth lunar landing (Descartes Highlands)
AS-512/Apollo 17 Dec.07-19.1972 00:33:00 EST SaturnV SA-512 PAD39A CSM-114, LM-12 Sixth lunar landing (Taurus-Littrow); final Apollo mission.First scientist boarding.
AS-513/Skylab 1(SL1) May.14.1973 13:30:00 EDT SaturnV SA-513 PAD39A S-IVB-212(OWS) Launch space laboratory SkyLab (unmanned)
AS-206/Skylab 2(SL2) May.25.1973 09:00:00 EDT Saturn1B SA-206 PAD39B CSM-116 Launch first SkyLab stay staffs.The repair of the solar battery panel trouble.Stay 28 days.
AS-207/Skylab 3(SL3) Jul.28.1973 07:11:00 EDT Saturn1B SA-207 PAD39B CSM-117 Launch second SkyLab stay staffs.Stay 59 days.
AS-208/Skylab 4(SL4) Nov.16.1973 09:01 EST Saturn1B SA-208 PAD39B CSM-118 Launch last SkyLab stay staffs.Stay 84 days.
AS-210/Apollo-Soyuz Test Program (ASTP) Jul.15.1975 Saturn1B SA-210 PAD39B CSM-111, Docking Module(DM) Rendezvous and docking with Soyuz spaceship of the Soviet Union.Flight 9 days.