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APOLLO 15 ( AS-510 )

Apollo 15 insignia

Apollo 15 prime crew

David R. Scott(CDP), Alfred M. Worden(CMP), James B. Irwin(LMP), (Left to right)

Mission Status

Launch date 26. Jul. 1971 13:34:00 UTC(09:34:00 EDT)
Mission Designation AS-510 / SA-510
Launch Pad PAD 39A
CSM CSM-112 (Endeavour)
LM LM-10 (Falcon)
Launch vehcle
Type Saturn V
First Stage S-IC-10
Second Stage S-II-10
Third stage S-IVB-510
Instrument Unit(IU) S-IU-510
Prime crew
Commander Pilot:CDP David R. Scott
CM Pilot:CMP Alfred M. Worden
LM Pilot:LMP James B. Irwin
Backup crew
Commander Pilot:CDP Richard F. Gordon, Jr.
CM Pilot:CMP Vance Brand
LM Pilot:LMP Harrison H. Schmitt
Mission Objective
Double the time and extend tenfold the range of lunar surface exploration by LRV as compared with earlier missions. Deploy the third of an Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments Package (ALSEP). Perform selenological inspection, survey and sampling of materials in a preselected region of the Hadley Rille-Apennine Peaks. Conduct a new group of experiments in Lunar orbit : SIM Bay and Subsatellite.
Mission Result
First of J mission. After S-IVB stage released, a short was discovered in the service propulsion system and contingency procedures were developed for using the engine. During cruise it was discovered that the LM range/range-rate exterior glass cover had broken and a small water leak had developed in the CM requiring repair and clean-up. The SIM door was jettisoned at 15:40 UT and lunar orbit insertion took place at 20:05:47 UT. The LM-CSM undocking maneuver was initiated at 17:48 UT but undocking did not take place. Worden found a loose umbilical plug and reconnected it, allowing the LM to separate from the CSM at 18:13:30 UT. E. Scott and Irwin made three moonwalk EVAs totaling 18 hours, 35 minutes. During this time they covered 27.9 km, collected 76.8 kg of rock and soil samples. After the final EVA Scott performed a televised demonstration of a hammer and feather falling at the same rate in the lunar vacuum. After Apollo 15 underwent an orbit-shaping maneuver the scientific subsatellite was spring-launched from the SM SIM bay at 20:13:19 UT on 4 August into a 102.0 x 141.3 km lunar orbit. After TEI, Worden carried out the first deep space EVA when he exited the CM and made three trips to the SIM bay at the rear of the SM to retrieve film cannisters and check the equipment. Total EVA time was 38 minutes, 12 seconds.
Launch weight2,906,559(kg)
Lunar orbits74
Duration295:11:53(12days and 17hours)
Landing LocationHadley Rille-Apennine Peaks 26.08 degrees North, 3.66 degrees East
Splashed down07.Aug.1971 20:45:53 UT (16:45:53 EDT)
Splashdown pointPacific Ocean:26 deg 7 min N, 158 deg, 8 min W:330 miles north of Honolulu
Recovery shipU.S.S Okinawa

CSM-112 Apollo15 Endeavour
BLOCK2. J mission. SIM(Scientific Instrumentation Module) Bay at Sector 1.

LM-10 Apollo15 Falcon
J mission version. Lunar Roving Vehicle on Quad1.

Mission Photos

Apollo 15 Remembered 40 Years Later
Watch on YouTube
  • [DVD] Apollo 15 - Man Must Explore

    Spacecraft Films / Twentieth Century Fox Home Video April 13, 2004 USD80.98

    In July and early August of 1971, NASA embarked on an ambitious and challenging lunar mission - the journey of Apollo 15 to the Hadley-Apennine region. The first of the "J" lunar missions, Apollo 15 took the first Lunar Rover to the surface, allowing the crew to explore the beautiful region of Mt. Hadley and Hadley Rille over 3 days. New science was conducted in orbit as well, with the addition of an array of photographic and scientific instruments in the Apollo CSM. This 6-disc set tells the amazing story of Apollo 15 through compelling sounds and images of the film and television record of the mission. From training on the Lunar Rover to the first live liftoff from moon, you'll be there for each moment of the TV downlink and each foot of onboard motion picture film. Included are the raw television transmissions from the flight to the moon, all three moonwalks, plus the lunar liftoff, Trans-Earth EVA, in-flight press conference and more. This set also contains multi-angle views of liftoff and coverage of recovery through the statements of the crew on the carrier deck. You'll discover Hadley Rille as you've never seen it before.


  • [BOOK] Apollo 15 : The NASA Mission Reports

    Apogee Books August 1, 2001 USD18.95

    Documents the Apollo 15 voyage, the first moon-landing to venture into the treacherous terrain of a lunar mountain range.