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Apollo Project Books & Videos

For a long time, though the adventure of APOLLO was with being kept secret in NASA and the inside of the astronaut's heart, some images and a book were published before and after the moon landing the 30th anniversary in 1999. I am made to admire a great success which mankind accomplished 30 years ago.
Here I introduce books and videos related Apollo project.
Apollo Blu-ray&DVD
From the documentary with the actual movies of Apollo, to the drama, the movie, the IMAX image of the international space station. Much Blu-rays and DVDs are on market now.
Apollo CD-ROM&CD
The publication of the CD-ROM which collected the variety documents and photos of Apollo are popular now, too. You can get the projects document of the NASA easily as well. CD recorded the communication of APOLLO 11 is now on market too.
Apollo books
Not only the explanatory materials of Apollo project but also drawings, documents, photograph collections, technology explanatory materials, the manuals, the astronaut's note. Many books have been issued since Apollo project start until now. As for the space development and manned moon exploitation of the old Soviet Union which becomes clear recently, many books are issued.
CG Publishing's books
Here I collect the CG Publishing's books. They publishing many of space exploration books.