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APOLLO 14 ( AS-509 )

Apollo 14 insignia

Apollo 14 prime crew

Edgar D. Mitchell(LMP), Alan B. Shepard, Jr.(CDP), Stuart A. Roosa(CMP), (Left to right)

Mission Status

Launch date 31. Jan. 1971 21:03:02 UTC(16:03:02 EST)
Mission Designation AS-509 / SA-509
Launch Pad PAD 39A
CSM CSM-110 (Kitty Hawk)
LM LM-8 (Antares)
Launch vehcle
Type Saturn V
First Stage S-IC-9
Second Stage S-II-9
Third stage S-IVB-509
Instrument Unit(IU) S-IU-509
Prime crew
Commander Pilot:CDP Alan B. Shepard, Jr.
CM Pilot:CMP Stuart A. Roosa
LM Pilot:LMP Edgar D. Mitchell
Backup crew
Commander Pilot:CDP Eugiene A. Cernan
CM Pilot:CMP Ronald E. Evans
LM Pilot:LMP Joe Henry Engle
Mission Objective
Perform selenological inspection, survey and sampling of materials in a preselected region of the Fra Mauro formation. Deploy and activate an Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments Package (ALSEP). Obtain photographs of candidate exploration sites.
Mission Result
After a delay of 40 minutes, 2 seconds due to clouds and rain, Apollo 14 was launched. An early first mid-course correction was made to make up for the launch delay so the spacecraft would arrive at the Moon on schedule. When the CSM separated from the S-IVB stage and dock to the LM, five attempts were made. The sixth attempt was successful and no further problems with the docking mechanism occurred. The astronauts made two moonwalk EVA's totaling 9 hours, 23 minutes, during which the Apollo lunar surface experiments package (ALSEP) was placed on the surface of the moon, 42.9 kg of lunar samples were acquired, and photographs were taken. At the end of the second EVA Shepard hit two golf balls with the contingency sample return tool handle with the six iron golf club head.
Launch weight2,912,335(kg)
Lunar orbits34
Duration216:01:57(9days and 1hours)
Landing LocationFra Mauro 3.65 degrees South, 17.48 degrees West
Splashed down09.Feb.1971 21:05:00 UT (16:05:00 EST)
Splashdown pointPacific Ocean:27 deg 1 min S, 172 deg 39 min W: 765 nautical miles south of American Samoa
Recovery shipU.S.S New Orleans

CSM-110 Apollo14 Kitty Hawk

LM-8 Apollo14 Antares
Made a drastic revision of Descent Stage color.

Mission Photos

Apollo 14 - 40th Anniversary
Watch on YouTube
Apollo 14: Mission to Fra Mauro
Watch on YouTube
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