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APOLLO 10 ( AS-505 )

Apollo 10 insignia

Apollo 10 prime crew

Eugiene A. Cernan(LMP), John W. Young(CMP) Thomas P. Stafford(CDP), (Left to right)

Mission Status

Launch date 18. May. 1969 16:49:00 UTC(12:49:00 EDT)
Mission Designation AS-505 / SA-505
Launch Pad PAD 39B
CSM CSM-106 (Charlie Brown)
LM LM-4 (Snoopy)
Launch vehcle
Type Saturn V
First Stage S-IC-5
Second Stage S-II-5
Third stage S-IVB-505
Instrument Unit(IU) S-IU-505
Prime crew
Commander Pilot:CDP Thomas P. Stafford
CM Pilot:CMP John W. Young
LM Pilot:LMP Eugiene A. Cernan
Backup crew
Commander Pilot:CDP Leroy Gordon Cooper, Jr.
CM Pilot:CMP Donn F. Eisesle
LM Pilot:LMP Edgar D. Mitchell
Mission Objective
Demonstrate performance of LM and CSM in lunar gravitation field. Evaluate CSM and LM docked and undocked lunar navigation. All mission objectives were achieved.
Mission Result
On 22 May the LM was separated from the CSM at 19:36:17 UT. The LM was put into an orbit to allow low altitude passes over the lunar surface, the closest approach bringing it to within 14 km of the Moon. At the descent, because of a slight mistake of automatic abort guidance system setting, LM lost control, and it was almost about to crash on the moon. All systems on the LM were tested during the separation including communications, propulsion, attitude control, and radar. Numerous close-up photographs of the Moon's surface, in particular the planned Apollo landing sites, were taken. The LM descent stage was jettisoned into lunar orbit. The LM and CSM rendezvous and redocking occurred 8 hours after separation at 03:22 UT on 23 May.
Launch weight2,908,597(kg)
Lunar orbits31
Duration192:03:23(About 8 days)
Splashed down26.May.1969 16:52:23 UTC (12:52:23 EDT)
Splashdown pointPacific Ocean:15 deg 2 min S, 164 deg 39 min W:400 miles east of American Samoa
Recovery shipU.S.S Princeton

CSM-106 Apollo10 Charlie Brown

LM-4 Apollo10 Snoopy
No Thermal Blanket on legs. Four Lunar Surface Sensing Probe are attached at all legs. Scimitar antenna on front face. No RCS Plume Deflectors.

Mission Photos

Apollo 10: ‘Tell the world, we have arrived’
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    Apogee Books November 1, 2000 USD18.95

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