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London Science Museum

In Aug. 2001, I had the opportunity which visited London Science Museum. So I met APOLLO 10.
At South Kensington underground station in London, There are some high-quality museums, like Natural History Museum, Victoria & Albert Museum. And one of those, Science Museum displays real APOLLO 10 spaceship. This is only one real APOLLO except for the North American Continent.

J2 Engine

This was used for Second stage and Third stage of Saturn-V booster.

LM Trainer

This is mock-up of Lunar Module used for astronaut's training, I think. Details are different from the real one.

Command Module

This is Command Module (CSM-106) Charlie Brown used for APOLLO 10 (SA-505) mission. Three crews of Thomas P. Stafford (CDP), John W. Young (CMP), Eugiene A. Cernan (LMP) went to the moon at 18, May. 1969 on the ship.

This mission is perfect rehearsal of the moon landing, and performance test of Lunar Module on the moon orbit was focused mainly. Lunar Module Snoopy approached to the 42000ft of the moon surface, but LM weight reduction wasn't completed, so actually landing did not allowed.

Then because of a slight mistake, LM lost control, and it was almost about to crash on the moon.