All of Apollo missions

Color meaning.
PurpleTest FlightLaunch vehicle and spacecraft deveropment flight
BlueAbort testApollo spacecraft abort test
GreenTrajectory flightTrajectory flight
YellowThe earth orbit flightThe earth orbit flight
OrangeThe moon orbit flightThe moon orbit flight
RedThe moon landing flightThe moon landing flight

Mission Designation Launch date Vehicle Vehicle No. Launch pad Payload Mission Objectives / Accomplishments
Saturn-Apollo Oct.27.1961 10:06 EST Saturn1 SA-1 PAD34 Water for ballast, dummy second stage and Jupiter nose cone. Saturn I launch vehicle first-stage booster research & development
Saturn-Apollo Apr.25.1962 09:00:34 EST Saturn1 SA-2 PAD34 Water for ballast, dummy second stage and Jupiter nose cone. launch vehicle test and water ballast payload/experiment
Saturn-Apollo Nov.16.1962 12:45:02 EST Saturn1 SA-3 PAD34 Water for ballast, dummy second stage and Jupiter nose cone. launch vehicle test and water ballast payload/experiment
Saturn-Apollo Mar.28.1963 15:11:55 EST Saturn1 SA-4 PAD34 Water for ballast, dummy second stage and Jupiter nose cone. tested premature engine cutoff capabilities
Pad-Abort-Test-1 Nov.07.1963 09:00:01 MST (none) (none) WSMR Area#3 BP(Boilerplate)-6 Use only BP and LES.Test LES capability to propel a CM in Lanch pad.
Saturn-Apollo Jan.29.1964 11:25:01 EST Saturn1 SA-5 PAD37B live second stage (S-IV) and IU,Jupiter nose cone. first flight test of S-IV second stage
A-001 May.13.1964 05:59:59.7 MST LittleJoeII-2 (none) WSMR LC36 BP-12 Test LES capability in the high-dynamic-pressure (transonic) region of the saturn trajectory.
A-101/Saturn-Apollo May.28.1964 12:07:00 EST Saturn1 SA-6 PAD37B CSM boilerplate(BP)-13, LES carried first boilerplate Apollo Command & Service module, live LES
A-102/Saturn-Apollo Sep.18.1964 11:22:43 EST Saturn1 SA-7 PAD37B BP-15 similar testing as with SA-6; also demoed launch escape jettison
A-002 Dec.08.1964 08:00:00: MST LittleJoeII-3 (none) WSMR LC36 BP-23 Test LES capability in the maximum dynamic pressure region of the saturn trajectory.
A-103/Saturn-Apollo(Pegasus1) Feb.16.1965 09:37:03 EST Saturn1 SA-9 PAD37B BP-16 & Pegasus A (meteoroid detection satellite) carried boilerplate Apollo spacecraft and Pegasus satellite
A-003 May.19.1965 06:01:04 MST LittleJoeII-4 (none) WSMR LC36 BP-22 Test LES capability at an altitude approximating the upper limit for the canard subsystem.
A-104/Saturn-Apollo(Pegasus2) May.25.1965 02:35:01 EST Saturn1 SA-8 PAD37B BP-26 & Pegasus B carried boilerplate Apollo spacecraft and Pegasus satellite
Pad-Abort-Test-2 Jun.29.1965 06:00:01 MST (none) (none) WSMR LC36 BP-23A(modified BP-23 used in A-002) Test LES capability to propel a CM in Lanch pad before ignition.
A-105/Saturn-Apollo(Pegasus2) Jul.30.1965 08:00:00 EST Saturn1 SA-10 PAD37B BP-9A & Pegasus C carried boilerplate Apollo spacecraft and Pegasus satellite
A-004 Jan.20.1966 08:17:01 MST LittleJoeII-5 (none) WSMR LC36 CSM-002(Block1) First flight of Block-I CSM.Test stabilize in high rate of tumbling after abort.
AS-201/Apollo-Saturn Feb.26.1966 11:12:01 EST Saturn1B SA-201 PAD34 CSM-009(Block1) First Saturn-1B flight.Unmanned test of command module heat shield,emergency detection system. Called Apollo 1 unofficially.
AS-203/Apollo-Saturn Jul.05.1966 10:53:17 EST Saturn1B SA-203 PAD37B S-IVB, IU, LH2, nose cone Unmanned test of Saturn S-IVB stage on erath orbit.CSM has not carried.
AS-202/Apollo-Saturn Aug.25.1966 13:15:32 EST Saturn1B SA-202 PAD34 CSM-011(Block1) Unmanned test of rocket's reliability. Called Apollo 2 unofficially.
AS-204/Apollo 1 - Saturn1B SA-204 PAD34 CSM-012(Block1) First planned manned mission; crew killed in 1/27/67 fire during rehearsal. Called as Apollo 1 in honor of the crew.
AS-501/Apollo 4 Nov.09.1967 07:00:01 EST SaturnV SA-501 PAD39A CM-017(Block1), SM-020, LTMA Unmanned test (first) of Saturn V; test of CM heat shield at high speed.
AS-204/Apollo 5 Jan.22.1968 17:48:08 EST Saturn1B SA-204 (planned to use for Apollo 1) PAD37B LM-1 & nosecone (replacing the CSM) Unmanned test of Lunar Module
AS-502/Apollo 6 Apr.04.1968 07:00:01 EST SaturnV SA-502 PAD39A CM-020(Block1), SM-014, LTMA-2R Final man-rating (last unmanned flight)
AS-205/Apollo 7 Oct.11-22.1968 11:02:45 EST Saturn1B SA-205 PAD34 CSM-101 First manned Apollo flight; practiced rendezvous in Earth orbit
AS-503/Apollo 8 Dec.21-27.1968 07:51:00 EST SaturnV SA-503 PAD39A CSM-103, LMTA First manned flight to orbit the moon
AS-504/Apollo 9 Mar.03-13.1969 11:00:00 EST SaturnV SA-504 PAD39A CSM-104, LM-3 Tested Lunar Module in Earth orbit
AS-505/Apollo 10 May.18-26.1969 12:49:00 EST SaturnV SA-505 PAD39B CSM-106, LM-4 Tested Lunar Module in lunar orbit
AS-506/Apollo 11 Jul.16-24.1969 09:32:00 EST SaturnV SA-506 PAD39A CSM-107, LM-5 First lunar landing (Sea of Tranquility)
AS-507/Apollo 12 Nov.14-24.1969 11:22:00 EST SaturnV SA-507 PAD39A CSM-108, LM-6 Second lunar landing (Ocean of Storms)
AS-508/Apollo 13 Apr.11-17.1970 14:13:00 EST SaturnV SA-508 PAD39A CSM-109, LM-7 Mission aborted by SM oxygen tank explosion.
AS-509/Apollo 14 Jan.31-Feb.09.1971 16:03:00 EST SaturnV SA-509 PAD39A CSM-110, LM-8 Third lunar landing (Fra Mauro)
AS-510/Apollo 15 Jul.26-Aug.07.1971 09:34:00 EST SaturnV SA-510 PAD39A CSM-112, LM-10 Fourth lunar landing (Hadley-Appenine region);first use of "Rover" vehicle on moon
AS-511/Apollo 16 Apr.16-27.1972 12:54:00 EST SaturnV SA-511 PAD39A CSM-113, LM-11 Fifth lunar landing (Descartes Highlands)
AS-512/Apollo 17 Dec.07-19.1972 00:33:00 EST SaturnV SA-512 PAD39A CSM-114, LM-12 Sixth lunar landing (Taurus-Littrow); final Apollo mission.First scientist boarding.
AS-513/Skylab 1(SL1) May.14.1973 13:30:00 EDT SaturnV SA-513 PAD39A S-IVB-212(OWS) Launch space laboratory SkyLab (unmanned)
AS-206/Skylab 2(SL2) May.25.1973 09:00:00 EDT Saturn1B SA-206 PAD39B CSM-116 Launch first SkyLab stay staffs.The repair of the solar battery panel trouble.Stay 28 days.
AS-207/Skylab 3(SL3) Jul.28.1973 07:11:00 EDT Saturn1B SA-207 PAD39B CSM-117 Launch second SkyLab stay staffs.Stay 59 days.
AS-208/Skylab 4(SL4) Nov.16.1973 09:01 EST Saturn1B SA-208 PAD39B CSM-118 Launch last SkyLab stay staffs.Stay 84 days.
AS-210/Apollo-Soyuz Test Program (ASTP) Jul.15.1975 Saturn1B SA-210 PAD39B CSM-111, Docking Module(DM) Rendezvous and docking with Soyuz spaceship of the Soviet Union.Flight 9 days.