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First series

TAKARA : the major toy company and model maker KAIYODO planning to sell finished spacecraft models "THE ROYAL MUSEUM OF SCIENCE STARTALES" series on 18 Aug. 2003 in Japan. This series featured symbolic scene of '60s space exploitation like the Moon landing at '69.
And japanese biweekly magazine mono magazine planned to make a feature of Apollo project in 16Aug./2Sep. double number volume in commemoration of his 20 year anniversary. "APOLLO11" model was attached with this magazine come before STARTALES series release. Scale of CSM is approximately 1:370, LM ascent stage is 1:390, LM descent stage is 1:330, astronaut is 1:240. The size of CSM is like edge of automatic pencil.

Second series

In July. 2004, "THE ROYAL MUSEUM OF SCIENCE STARTALES2" series were unveiled. There are two series : one is "Black frontier" and another is "White pionner". There are seven models plus one 'Hard to get' secret model, then total 16 models (some models are repeated).

Exhibition Catalog

The third series were planned in the spring 2005 but not released.
Instead of that, in 27. Apr. 2007, this Exhibition Catalog has been compiled as a Permanent preservation version, with summarizes the 200 page leaflets from all STARTALES series model, and newly written original articles. As an appendix, "Space Shuttle Columbia" figure comes with, the apparition of the third series.