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Dragon Models Space collection

After sipping CanDo APOLLO11 plastic toys, Hongkong Dragon model made precision diecast APOLLO11 SaturnV models. Solid type model was released at 2004 Summer, and separable stages version was released at 2005 Summer. Then, dubbed the "Space collection", they have launched many spacecraft models.

CanDo APOLLO11 Toys

2004 Spring, Hongkong Dragon model started to ship plastic made CanDo Apollo11 astronauts and Saturn V / Apollo miniature figures. This space series included three different 1/24 astronaut figures, three 1/400-scale stages of the Saturn V rocket, and the Columbia & Eagle. Saluting astronaut model is a rare item, so pricing is very high.

APOLLO11 Satrun V (unibody type)

Unibody type model released 2004 (ITEM No.55615).

APOLLO11 Satrun V (separable type)

Separable stages version released 2005 (ITEM No.55732).

Apollo 7 Saturn IB

Dragon Wings Space collection Apollo 7 Saturn IB released 2010 (ITEM No.56242).