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Papercraft Apollo launch pad & Crawler Transporter

Set of Papar-printed parts and CD-ROM including instruction manual PDF files. Launch pad(LUT), Crawler Transporter kit are sold separately. There are two type of Launch pad. One is for Saturn V and the other is for Skylab Saturn IB:MilkStool.
Scale lineup are 1:144, 1:100, 1:96, 1:70. You can select for your SaturnV model.
He is selling these products on eBay, PayPal is available for payment.


The kit comes in plastic bag like this photo. One CD-ROM includes all instruction manuals you purchased.

Crawler Transporter

Parts of Crawler Transporter
In scale 1:144, all parts are printed on ten A3 size papers.
Making subsupport
I made subsupport by using 2mm thickness Styrene board. Need one A3 size Styrene board for Crawler Transporter.
Crawler finished photo
Photo of Side1.
One more Side1 photo.
Because I can use only weekend for build, it takes about one month to build this kit.
Side3. You can see stairs to LUT.
And top-down view.
bottom view.
This is 1:144 scale model. Compare a pen for imagine actual dimension.

Launch Umbilical Tower LUT

Parts of Launch Umbilical Tower LUT
In scale 1:144, all parts are printed on eighteen A3 size papers.
This is a subsupport for ML(MobileLauncher) made by 2mm thickness Styrene board. Need three A3 size styrene board to build this one.
full view
Finished photo of Side4.
It takes about three month to build this kit.
Finished photo of Side1.
In scale 1:144, size of MobileLauncher will be about 30cm x 35cm width, and 1m hight. But you can hold it by single-hand.
All of SA(SwingArm) are movable.
full view 4:Side3
Close-up of SwingArm No.9:White room.
Close-up of ML(Mobile Launcher).
Close-up of ML with SatrunV.
Close-up of SA(Swing Arm)2 to SA6. Aslant framings are made by plastic round bar 3mm in diameter.
Close-up of white room and crane. Can rotate the crane.
There is a critical secret for my LUT!! It can be detachable like this photo, for stow away.
And one more critical secret!! It was illuminated.
This is a photo of illuminate system. Eight high-luminance LEDs and fiber optics are built into elevator shaft and ML.
High-luminance LEDs are driven by Constant current booster circuit and two AAA dry cell.
Constant current booster circuit was provided by audio-q, Kit number SU-CR20.
15 beads are illuminated with fiber optics on each floor.
Fiber optics using in this kit is ESKA. You can buy GCK-20E(0.5mm diameter, 100m length) in JPY1,700.
Close up bottom view of elevator shaft.
Night view of LUT.
These are photos with "BANDAI OTONANO CYOGOKIN"

Launch Pedestal "MilkStool"

In scale 1:144, all parts are printed on ten A3 size papers.