How to fly Kudrone

Kudrone is an ultra compact drone with a weight of 85 g and 4K camera, appeared at Cloud Funding site: INDIEGOGO in the spring 2017, and released in September. It carries 13 million pixel camera, GPS, magnetic compass, barometer, and can fly 8 minutes with 650 mAh battery.
Unfortunately the completeness of this product is still a prototype level. Reported many case of continuous ascending without your command, can not hover and drift away, and lose controll. We recommend that you will not fly it in open area until app and firmware improvement is completed. My Kudrone does not fly well yet because of "Drift away" problem...
If you are looking for a compact drone with camera right now, EACHINE E58 is one of the options. It can shoot 720p movies with a weight of 96 grams.

Introduce Kudrone

PC Compactly contained in a cool carry case.
PC Here are contents. Besides the Kudrone body, from the left, bonus SD card reader, propeller exchange tool, replacement propeller set, two batteries, and USB cable. In addition, 16 GB micro SD card is set in the slot at the back of the body.
PC This is Three slot charging dock included in "Pro Kit". You can charge three batteries at a time. However, charging is not performed at the same time, done one by one in turn.
PC Comparison with Parrot Mini Drone (Airborne Night)(left). Size and weight are about the same.

Install Kudrone App

Download the free official app for Kudrone control from the App Store and install it on your iPod / iPad / iPhone.

Set up Kudrone

PC Check the installation of ultrasonic sensor at the bottom of the Kudrone body. Transportation may cause the misalign. If so, fix it by hand.
PC Attach the propeller guard.
PC Peel the yellow insulating film attached to the battery.
Charge the battery.
iPhone Launch the (Kudrone) app. At first, the user's manual will be displayed, so let's look through.
iPhone First you must do user registration. Tap "Register" at the bottom left of the screen.
If you have already used Kudrone, enter the e-mail address and password you used and tap "Login".
iPhone Enter your e-mail address and your favorite password and tap "Register".
iPhone Then enter your nickname, gender, country, birthday.
iPhone Successfully registered.
PC Load a charged battery to your Kudrone. Wait for the Eye-LED to stop blinking and light up continuously.
Update the firmware (built-in program) of Kudrone to the latest version.
Connect iPhone to Kudrone Wi-Fi.
PC Calibrate the Kudrone onboard sensor.
Kudrone's calibration is very delicate and important. If did not calibrate correctly, it will drift forward or back, right or left immediate after take off. In such a case, change the angle you have, please calibrate again.
iPhone Restart the Kudrone app. At first you need to end all the tutorials. Tap "Tutorials".
iPhone Flick left and right, select a tutorial and tap "Start" to start. Follow the on-screen instructions.
iPhone After completing all the tutorials you can fly. Tap "Flight".
Suppress screen rotation and notification
iPhone Deter the screen rotation and notification of the iPhone before flight. When screen rotate during flight, flew away in unlikely direction. OR lose control when phone call comes in.

How to charge Kudrone battery

Place the battery in Kudrone or charger and connect it to the USB AC adapter. The red lamp flashes on the charger during charging. And turns green when completed.
If the lamp does not illuminate, check the connection with USB AC adapter. Re-insert the connector firmly or change cable to another one you have.
In addition, if you try to charge a fully charged battery, the lamp will remain red and charging will not be done. Battery is almost fully charged at the factory shipment. If you can not charge it, first set it to Kudrone and try using it first.

Official Movie

How to connect iPhone to Kudrone

iPhone When the Kudrone eyeball LED finishes blinking and turn in continuous lighting state, Select 設定(Setting)-[Wi-Fi] screen, choose the Kudrone Wi-Fi access point name.
iPhone Enter "12345678" for password.

How to update Kudrone firmware

iPhone Disconnect the iPhone and Kudrone. Make sure the iPhone is connected to the Internet. Launch the Kudrone app and tap the "Settings" icon on the upper left.
iPhone Choose "Updates" from the menu.
iPhone Choose "Firmware Update" from the menu.
iPhone Select the model number and tap "Start". The model number is "9611".
iPhone First download "Flight Control Module". Tap the version of the displayed firmware, tap "Next".
iPhone Firmware download starts from the Internet. When finished tap "Next".
iPhone Next, return to the menu and download "Camera Module". The procedure is the same.
iPhone Connect iPhone to Kudrone Wi-Fi. Make sure Micro SD card (TF card) is set in Kudrone. Load the charged battery in Kudrone and start up. Wait until the Eye-LED stops blinking and continuous lighting. Tap "Click to Connect Kudrone" to display the Wi-Fi connection screen. When it does not switch, open 設定(Setting)-[Wi-Fi] screen yourself.
You can update while charging battery.
iPhone When "Kudrone Connected" is displayed, connection completed. Tap "Next".
iPhone Firmware will be transferred to Kudrone. Then firmware version upgrade begins. Never close the Kudrone app while upgrading. The Eye-LED flashes while updating.
iPhone Completed when "Updated" is displayed. Return to the menu and upgrade "Camera Module" too. When all is done, disconnect and connect the battery for restart Kudrone.
Now there is a problem of display message "Firmware update is available...." many times aftre you finish update completely. Wait available new version of Kudrone app itself.

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Kudrone Firmware upgrading video

Watch at

How to calibrate Kudrone

PC Load a charged battery to your Kudrone. Wait for the Eye-LED to stop blinking and light up continuously.
iPhone Make sure the iPhone is connected to the Kudrone Wi-Fi. Launch the Kudrone app and tap the "Settings" icon on the upper left.
iPhone Tap"Settings".
iPhone Tap"Calibration".
iPhone PC Follow the instructions on the screen and turn Kudrone by hand. First "Step I (Horizontal direction, rotate counterclockwise from the top)".
Watch Official Movie on YouTube and follow it.
iPhone PC Next, "Step II (Vertical direction, rotate left from the front (top))". When completed, "Success" will be displayed on the screen. If it fails, "failure" is displayed. Please try again. Be careful not to rotate in the wrong direction.
iPhone When "Calibration is successful ..." is displayed, disconnect and connect the battery to restart Kudrone.
PC Open the Flight screen and see the indicator in the center of the screen. The wing shaped indicator shows rolling angle, and the right white cross bar shows pitch angle. Hold the Kudrone with your hand and tilt it, you can see that the indicator also moves. When putting the Kudrone on a horizontal place, both indicator shows the horizontal position, then calibration is successful completed.
If did not calibrate correctly, it will drift forward or back, right or left immediate after take off. In such a case, change the angle you have, please calibrate again.
In addition, "the case where the indicator does not show the correct position when the calibration is redone many times" are reported. Wait until application and firmware improvements progress Or contact to

Official Movie

Kudrone calibration video

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Kudrone calibration video

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About Kudrone GPS

Kudrone's GPS will be used only in "Auto-Follow" or "Return Home" mode. First, without connecting the iPhone to Wi-Fi on Kudrone, start up the Kudrone application and wait for 20 seconds or longer while connected to the mobile network. Next, make sure that iPhone connects to Kudrone 's Wi-Fi, and GPS mark is displayed on the Kudrone app. When the GPS meter is full, you can use “Auto Follow” and “Return Home”. It takes about 35 seconds for the GPS to get position information after starting up. Please wait for a while before flight. In the building, places with high buildings around, in tunnel, or other place where there is something that blocks the sky, GPS signals can not be received. GPS signals may not be received by high-voltage cables or radar antennas. Please be careful not to put on or paste on the upper part of the Kudrone body such things as blocking radio waves.

Kudrone support desk

Inquiries are accepted by e-mail now. Please contact to when trouble occurs.

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