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Teach you how to use all of the iPhone

Now touch-screen smartphone is very popular. The original is The Apple iPhone, which appeared in 2007 . And about tablet devices that are sold in place of the personal computer, The instigator of this popular is iPad appeared in 2010 from The Apple. In the field of digital music player, Apple's iPod was the bestseller of the world long before that.
In this site, I will introduce all of the iPod / iPad / iPhone in the overwhelming amount of information.

iPod/iPad/iPhone Description of each model


iPad mini


iPod touch

iPod nano

iPod shuffle

Apple TV


The latest news related to and around the iPod / iPad / iPhone series. Deliver around the topic deep iPod / iPad / iPhone freak should know in particular. Continue to pick up the device and software, the information industry.

New products this week

We will continue to introduce one after another new products and accessories which could be released every week. You can enhanced your iPhone with new accessories. Let's finish to your original design with them.

Application to be worried about

I will introduce apps that anxious find on the App Store recently. I will continue to pick up around the app to help you in everyday life.

Basic knowledge

What is iPod / iPad / iPhone? What can be done? And how do I use it? I will explain the basics of iPod / iPad / iPhone. First of all, please get the basic knowledge here.

Choose your iPhone

What should I do to get the iPod / iPad / iPhone? Should I choose the iPod / iPad / iPhone of any type and capacity? I introduce an online shop where you can buy iPod / iPad / iPhone.

How to use iPod / iPad / iPhone

What should I do to enjoy music, Blu-ray, video, and photos in the iPod / iPad / iPhone? I will explain the detailed tricks operations and other methods. You can be iPhone Meister now.

Accessories catalog

The iPod / iPad / iPhone-selling best in the world, a lot of accessories has been released so. I tried to collect accessories that can be used in our iPod / iPad / iPhone series. You will find your favorite case or accessories here.

Part Number / Model List

What are the types of iPod / iPad / iPhone? I will introduce the model of all from third generation iPod released in 2003 to the present

Tips & Tricks (FAQ / Q & A)

Trouble! Do not know how to use! In trouble! Tell me someone! Please click here first in such a case. I summarizes usage tips and troubleshooting for problems, such as a FAQ / Q & A.


Video Converter, copy backup to PC from iPod / iPad / iPhone. To free from commercial, I will introduce softwares for your help.


To deep introduction manuals from books for beginners, many books of iPod / iPad / iPhone related products have been released every week. I've been introduced such books here.


For popular iPod / iPad / iPhone, there are also many web site associated with it. Here is recommended links obtained iPod / iPad / iPhone various kinds of information.

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