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Sick bag collections Sick bag collections
This is the page of the "Sick bag" collection you can get free when you take on the airplane. Many sick bag collectors are in the world. Don't you try to collect them that becomes the commemoration of your trip ?
Overseas travel Overseas travel
Here are information on the overseas tour and travels. There are the memorys of our favorite overseas travels. I am lucky if this page helps someone who travels to the same direction.(sorry Japanese only)
Travel with favorite musics Travel with favorite musics
Here I introduce you the iPod. Small like a business card, lignt like a cell phone, but it carries over 1000 songs : suitable for 80 CDs. This is a must have device for enjoy travel with your favorite songs.(sorry Japanese only)
This is the page of APOLLO spaceship and SATURN-V booster hardware. This has made for all childrens and adults who dream to visit the space. Don't you try to experience trip to the moon with *real* spaceship ?
Diecast Aircraft Model Diecast Aircraft Model
Collect special airliners with special colors in diecast models. The world of precise diecast finished models are introduced here.
Flight Simulator Flight Simulator
Here is the page of original Flight Simulator. Free Windows software is introduced to the public here. Try it if you have high-speed 3D graphic board like GeFORCE, RADION and so on.
Links Links
This is a link collection about the trip and the airplane. Let's check before you go on a trip. However this may be a most useful page in this homepage:-P.