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  • [01] Apollo 8: The Nasa Mission Reports


    Apogee Books / CGPublishing 2000/08 JPY2,006(USD18.95)

    On December 21st 1968 the United States' National Aeronautics & Space Administration sent three men to orbit the moon. It was the boldest step yet taken in the quest to fulfill President John Kennedy's goal of landing a man on the moon by the end of the decade. This book finally puts in one place four of the most important documents from this triumphant odyssey, The Apollo 8 Press Kit, The Apollo 8 Pre-mission Report and Objectives, The Apollo 8 Supplemental Technical Report and The Apollo 8 Post Flight Summary. Includes: Windows CD-ROM featuring: 850 - 70 mm images taken during the mission; The film "Go For TLI" - over 21 minutes of full screen, full color MPEG video. The NASA Mission Reports is a series of books that will include all of the Apollo missions from Apollo 8 to Apollo 17 and all of the Mercury, Gemini and Skylab missions. All books will have CD-ROMs included.で買う

  • [02] Apollo 9: The Nasa Mission Reports


    Apogee Books / CGPublishing 1999/01/31 JPY1,793(USD16.95)

    Brings together four of the most important documents from the Apollo 9 mission.で買う

  • [03] Friendship 7 the Nasa Mission Reports


    Apogee Books / CGPublishing 1999/04 JPY2,006(USD18.95)

    Februaru 20th 1962 - After weeks of delays the fledgling National Aeronautics and Space Administration of the United States of America sent a man into orbit around the Earth. From that day to the present the name of John GLenn became synonymous with the hazardous new occupation of Astronauts.で買う

  • [04] Apollo 10 : the Nasa Mission Reports


    Apogee Books / CGPublishing 2000/11 JPY2,006(USD18.95)

    On May 18th 1969 NASA launched the last in a series of daring test flights of the Apollo hardware, Apollo 10 would follow swiftly on the heels of the successful flight of Apollo 9.で買う

  • [05] Apollo 11 : The NASA Mission Reports(全3巻)


    Apogee Books 1999/06/24 1,916円

    NASAが公開した「本物」のドキュメントを再構成した物です。 ミッションについて、包括的かつ詳細な情報を得ることが出来ます。 また、図版も多く掲載されていて、見て楽しむことが出来ます。 クルーが撮影した多くの写真が格納されたWindows用CD-ROM付き。 第1巻、第2巻にはアポロ11号クルーが撮影した多くの写真が格納されたWindows用CD-ROM付き。 第3巻には、なんと2時間20分に及ぶ人類初の月面活動の最初から最後までを収録したDVDが付いています。で買う



  • [06] Apollo 11 : the Nasa Mission Reports vol.2


    Apogee Books / CGPublishing 1999/07/29 JPY1,688(USD15.95)

    The first ever publication which will take you inside Apollo II as it journeyed to the moon, as told by the men who made the trip. This is the real story, nothing held back, taken from transcripts on July 31st 1969.で買う

  • [07] Apollo 12: The Nasa Mission Reports


    Apogee Books / CGPublishing 1999/10 JPY2,006(USD18.95)

    The real test for the crew of Apollo 12 was not to see if they could get to the moon, but to see if they could get to an exact place on the moon. Their target was an area known as the Ocean Of Storms. The flight of Apollo 12, which began almost catastrophically when the huge Saturn V was struck by lightning just moments after lift off, went on to yield an enormous amount of valuable data collected during over seven and a half hours on the lunar surface. Some of the rare official documentation of the voyage of Apollo 12 is collected and made commercially available for the first time. Includes - Windows CD-ROM featuring: Over 2000 - 70 mm images taken during the mission; Several unique interactive panoramic images of The Ocean Of Storms; A 25 minute movie of the voyage of Apollo 12; plus the complete TV footage from the lunar surface and the in-flight press conference - over two hours of full screen, full MPEG video. The NASA Mission Reports is a series of books that will include all of the Apollo missions from Apollo 8 to Apollo 17 and all of the Mercury, Gemini and Skylab missions. All books will have CD-ROMs included.で買う

  • [08] Gemini 6: The Nasa Mission Reports


    Apogee Books / CGPublishing 1999/12/20 JPY2,006(USD18.95)

    Lost in the glare of Apollos success, the Gemini program is often forgotten. Without the ten successful manned Gemini missions NASA could not have accomplished Kennedys seemingly impossible goal of landing a man on the moon in the 1960s. Gemini 6 was the fifth manned flight of Americas two-man spacecraft. Aboard were Commander Wally Schirra and rookie pilot Tom Stafford. Their original mission flight plan was to attempt the first ever docking and rendezvous in space, an essential step if the pilots flying Apollo would ever be able to meet up in orbit around the moon. The Soviet Union had claimed the first space rendezvous but many felt that unless the pilot was in control and able to maneuver around the accompanying vehicle it could not truly be called a rendezvous. On October 25th 1965 the target vehicle, known as Atlas/Agena failed to make orbit and so the crew of Gemini 6 were suddenly presented with a totally revised and audacious flight plan. The long duration Gemini 7 mission was already scheduled for launch and so the crew of Gemini 6 were told that NASA would attempt a double manned mission and rendezvous. This was undoubtedly a risky proposition which would stretch the NASA infra-structure to its limits. On December 15th 1965 ace pilot Schirra and rendezvous maestro Stafford closed to within a meter of Gemini 7 and America was one step closer to the moon.で買う

  • [09] Apollo 13: The Nasa Mission Reports


    Apogee Books / CGPublishing 2000/03/22 JPY2,006(USD18.95)

    A dream come true for dedicated space buffs, the NASA Mission Reports series pulls together an almost overwhelming array of official NASA press kits, operation reports, images, CD-ROM movies, and even dinner menus from some of the space agency's most momentous missions, from Gemini 6 to the many Mars launches. Series editor Robert Godwin explains in his introduction why the failed Apollo 13 mission (later of Tom Hanks-Ron Howard fame) is particularly deserving of such detail-intensive attention: "Putting aside the high drama of the events, the following documents reveal a side of NASA that is often overlooked, the talents of the management and administrators." Those talents are nowhere more evident than in the minutes from the House Science and Astronautics Committee hearing, numerous internal NASA memos, and the previously classified technical debriefing of the astronauts. Even the pre-mission materials prove interesting, explaining with extensive diagrams the many experiments that never reached the lunar surface.で買う

  • [10] Mars: The Nasa Mission Reports


    Apogee Books / CGPublishing 2000/06 JPY2,535(USD23.95)

    Baseball fans have the Sporting News Register for getting their stats fix, and farmer-types can turn to the time-honored Almanac. So it's only fair that space-exploration junkies should have Robert Godwin's definitive NASA Mission Reports, providing page after page of official data and diagrams, not to mention CD-ROMs packed with movies, pictures, and searchable NASA documents.で買う

  • [11] Apollo 7: The Nasa Mission Reports


    Apogee Books / CGPublishing 2000/10 JPY2,006(USD18.95)

    Another entry in Robert Godwin's detail-packed, armchair astronaut NASA Reports series, the Apollo 7 compilation includes all the tech-heavy goodies that earlier installments featured: the official press kit, pre- and post-mission reports, the technical debriefing, dozens of diagrams and color photos, and even a CD-ROM packed with astronaut interviews, thundering launch footage, and 500 70mm pictures taken by the flight crew. Godwin's books are so addictive because they're the real deal--essentially unedited, unaltered artifacts from some of NASA's most hair-raising missions. And while Apollo 7 might not have matchedで買う

  • [12] The High Frontier: Human Colonies in Space


    Apogee Books / CGPublishing 2000/10 JPY2,323(USD21.95)

    Rocket man, I think it's going to be a long, long time. When Princeton physicist Gerard K. O'Neill published the first edition of High Frontier back in the mid 1970s (just four years after "Rocket Man," to be exact), he just assumed that some of us would be living in orbit by now. Or as the Space Studies Institute's George Friedman puts it in a new essay for this third edition of O'Neill's pioneering work, the L5 society's slogan "L5 in '95!" certainly wasn't referring to 2095. In High Frontier, O'Neill had mapped out a straightforward, manifestly doable path to putting humans into space permanently and sustainably, using 1970s materiel and current-dayで買う

  • [13] X-15: The Nasa Mission Reports


    Apogee Books / CGPublishing 2001/01 JPY2,535(USD23.95)

    Just like the other fact-filled installments in Robert Godwin's excellent NASA Reports series, this survey of the X-15 (arguably the world's first reusable spacecraft) pulls together sheaves of unedited official documents to convey the backroom planning and under-the-hood complexity behind one of aviation's most ambitious programs. Fans of Godwin's previous NASA entries might notice a few changes here: because this book covers an endeavor that involved three different aircraft on 199 successful flights over nearly a decade, Godwin had to modify his usual comprehensive reprinting of press releases and mission reports. Instead, this collection offers pilot biographies, NASA's semiannual reports to Congress, flight manuals, the complete proposal that won North American Aviation the X-15 contract, flight logs, the USAF's formerly classified development plans, and more. The accompanying CD-ROM includes hundreds of photos and hours of MPEG video footage, featuring highlights like the pink-eraser X-15A-2 and Neil Armstrong's farewell voyage before he checked out to become a bona fide astronaut. (If you're still worried about those missing mission operation reports, don't fret: the CD-ROM includes the full text for all of them, too.)で買う

  • [14] Apollo 14: The Nasa Mission Reports


    Apogee Books / CGPublishing 2001/01/20 JPY2,006(USD18.95)

    Once more the world sat and watched in awe as the United States successfully put two more men on the Moon's surface while Stuart Roosa orbited above in the Command Module Kitty Hawk.で買う

  • [15] Freedom 7: The Nasa Mission Reports


    Apogee Books / CGPublishing 2001/06 JPY2,951(USD18.95)

    On May 5, 1961, Astronaut Alan B. Sheppard Jr., in his Mercury spacecraft Freedom 7, successfully flew the first UC manned suborbital space flight, marking America's entry into the "space race.".で買う

  • [16] Space Shuttle Sts 1 - 5: The Nasa Mission Reports


    Apogee Books / CGPublishing 2001/05 JPY2,535(USD23.95)

    The Space Shuttle is one of the great triumphs of modern technology. 122 feet long, capable of carrying 65,000 lbs of cargo and weighing in at 90 tons. .で買う

  • [17] Rocket and Space Corporation Energia: The Legacy of S. P. Korolev


    Apogee Books / CGPublishing 2001/05 JPY2,323(USD21.95)

    A small metal sphere weighing slightly more than 83 kilograms was placed into an elliptical orbit by the mighty R-7 rocket. It was perhaps one of the most significant moments in human history. The date was October 4th 1957 and the sphere was called Sputnik. When the world's first artificial satellite sped across the night skies the impact was far-reaching and profound. Not only was this clearly one of the great scientific achievements of the modern age but it was also a catalyst which would propel the United States out of its post-War lethargy. The Political significance of the lift-capability of the R-7 rocket aroused the attentions of the West while irrevocably altering the face of human history. The Space Age had begun. The story of the R-7 rocket and its many offspring is one which still remains a mystery in the West. Now in the post-Cold war era the remarkable accomplishments of the engineers of Rocket & Space Corporation Energia are finally reaching eager readers in the West.で買う

  • [18] Apollo 15: The NASA Mission Reports, Volume 1


    Apogee Books / CGPublishing 2001/08 JPY2,112(USD19.95)

    The legacy of the United States Apollo programme is rich in outstanding achievements but none more so than the first fully equipped lunar landing mission. Apollo 15 was the first moon landing to venture into the treacherous terrain of a lunar mountain range. After a perfect pin-point landing astronauts David Scott and James Irwin explored the mysterious Hadley Rille with the benefit of their electric lunar rover. Scott and Irwin had undergone extensive training in the science of geology and were to find the oldest rock ever to be brought back from the moon. The so-called "Genesis" rock would answer many of man's age-old questions about the origins of the moon. While the two men drove their remarkable vehicle through the lunar foothills their companion Alfred Worden spent several days running a battery of experiments from low lunar orbit, mapping the lunar terrain in unprecedented detail.で買う

  • [19] Arrows to the Moon: Avro's Engineers and the Space Race


    Apogee Books / CGPublishing 2001/10 JPY2,323(USD21.95)

    How to demise of Canada's national dream contributed to one of the greatest triumphs in American history. Tells for the first time the story of the Canadian and British engineers from Avro Canada who played key roles in putting Americans on the Moon and building todays U.S. space program.で買う

  • [20] The Unbroken Chain


    Apogee Books / CGPublishing 2001/10 JPY3,170(USD29.95)

    American astronauts may have lived the dream of seeing space, but they never would have made it without Guenter Wendt. In The Unbroken Chain, this unsung hero tells his story, and he's got the right stuff. Wendt, who immigrated to the United States from Germany in 1949, got a job as a mechanical engineer for McDonnell Aircraft that launched his space career. He eventually became the man who supervised preparations for every mission from the Mercury program through the early shuttle flights. He was the last person the astronauts would see before they closed the hatch, and he became something of a legend at NASA. The Unbroken Chain features Wendt's accounts of his career highlights, good and bad, as well as behind-the scenes revelations about missions and personalities. Three sections of great photos accompany the text, and best of all, the accompanying CD-ROM features a tour of Cape Canaveral hosted by Wendt himself.で買う

  • [21] Freedom 7: The Nasa Mission Reports


    Apogee Books / CGPublishing 2001/06 JPY2,951(USD19.95)

    On May 5, 1961, Astronaut Alan B. Sheppard Jr., in his Mercury spacecraft Freedom 7, successfully flew the first UC manned suborbital space flight, marking America's entry into the "space race.".で買う

  • [22] Apollo 11: The Nasa Mission Reports Vol.3


    Apogee Books / CGPublishing 2002/03 JPY2,958(USD19.95)

    After the triumphant Apollo 11 moon landing, NASA issued a complete post-flight mission report that included the observations of the crew and technical details of the flight. This report is now being published as a series for the general public, and the latest entry is Apollo 11: The NASA Mission Reports, Volume Three. Edited by Robert Goodwin (who is compiling all the mission reports from Apollos 8 through 17), the book contains diagrams showing the descent of the lunar module, photos of the lunar surface, medical observations about the human body on the moon and much more. It also comes with a DVD of lunar footage. Though it may be hard for those without an engineering or physics background to parse much of the text, astronomy enthusiasts will enjoy having this historical record nonetheless. Copyright 2002 Cahners Business Information, Inc.で買う

  • [23] Apollo 16: The Nasa Mission Reports Vol.1


    Apogee Books / CGPublishing 2002/06/07 JPY2,112(USD19.95)

    The landing site selected for the crew of Apollo 16 was in the lunar highland are of Descartes. For three days Young Duke embarked on their rover, away from the Lunar Module "Orion", through rugged landscapes, in search of the origins of our world..で買う

  • [24] Creating Space: The Story of the Space Age Told Through Models


    Apogee Books / CGPublishing 2002/07/25 JPY3,275(USD30.95)

    The Heavens -- and trying to get there -- have always intrigued Man, and have been included in our artwork throughout all of history. In recent years they have been the subject of countless books, articles, radio and television shows and films, and have more and more featured the practical method of achieving these dreams -- Spaceships. Creating Space takes us on a journey through the history of the space age, up to the present and beyond. From the advent of the "space race" with the V-2 rocket of World War II to the International Space Station and the future, a complete and detailed chronicling of vehicles is given, side by side with pictures and details of models that depict the multitude of aircraft and spacecraft developed throughout the world.で買う

  • [25] Women Astronauts


    Apogee Books / CGPublishing 2002/07 JPY2,982(USD23.95)

    Have you ever wondered what it's like to be an astronaut? To travel into space and float above the Earth? "Women Astronauts" is a must for any girl or young woman who wants learn about women astronauts. How did other women become astronauts? Read about every woman who has ever flown into space. This book is packed with exciting stories and interviews with many past and current women astronauts. Read about their childhood, training, everyday lives, and of course, their actual missions into space! How can I become an astronaut? Is your future in space? Find out what it takes to become an astronaut, about the selection process, training, and what it's like to live and work as an astronaut in space, and here on Earth.で買う

  • [26] On to Mars: Colonizing a New World


    Apogee Books / CGPublishing 2002/08 JPY2,323(USD21.95)で買う

  • [27] The Conquest of Space


    Apogee Books / CGPublishing 2002/09/01 JPY3,691(USD23.95)

    "David Lasser stands as one of the least-known but extraordinary pioneers of spaceflight. In 1930 he wrote this book - the first book ever written in the English language to address the notion of spaceflight as a serious possibility. The Conquest of Space has not been in print since 1931 and yet it still stands up to scrutiny. The lucid style with which Lasser explains the basic concepts of rocketry make it a delight for anyone to read. The Conquest of Space is a milestone work of spaceflight literature and was state of the art in 1931. No space enthusuast's library is complete without it."で買う

  • [28] Lost Spacecraft: The Search for Liberty Bell 7


    Apogee Books / CGPublishing 2002/11/30 JPY4,615(USD30.95)

    When Gus Grissom's Mercury spacecraft sank in the Atlantic Ocean, it created a controversy still rippling through NASA's space program to this day. Virgil I. "Gus" Grissom, veteran of the Korean War and professional test pilot, wrote the book on what it took to have the "right stuff." He also had the unwanted distinction of being the first astronaut to have his spacecraft sink out from under him. Liberty Bell 7, the 11th Mercury capsule built by McDonnell Aircraft, was lost at sea on July 21, 1961, minutes after helping Virgil I. "Gus" Grissom complete the third manned spaceflight in human history. The controversial incident also almost killed an American astronaut when Grissom narrowly escaped death, left to suffer the private accusations concerning how and why Liberty Bell 7 really sank. Beyond the reach of 1961 subsea technology, the Cold War icon sat in waters deeper than the Titanic for almost 40 years, surviving amidst the ice cold temperature and darkness of the deep ocean and waiting to be discovered. Historians declared Liberty Bell 7 as "lost and gone forever" and marine salvage experts said the tiny nine-foot-tall capsule would never be found.で買う

  • [29] Apollo 17: The Nasa Mission Reports Vol.1


    Apogee Books / CGPublishing 2002/11 JPY2,112(USD19.95)

    It was just past midnight in the early morning hours of December 7th 1972 when the last manned Saturn V roared from the launch pad at tehe Kennedy Space Center. Strapped into the crowded Command Module were Commander Cernan, Module Pilot Ron Evans and Lunar Pilot Harrison Schmitt.で買う

  • [30] Virtual Apollo: A Pictorial Essay of the Engineering and Construction of the Apollo Command and Service Modules


    Apogee Books / CGPublishing 2003/04 JPY2,641(USD19.95)

    With this book, for the first time the public can become acquainted with the Apollo spacecraft in detail and learn the story of its design and construction. Full color drawings in exacting detail provide inside and out views of the Command and Service Modules complete with details of construction and fabrication. The Apollo spacecraft is the most intricate and exacting machine ever built, and it had to be as near to perfect as it could be made, every time. With over 3 million components, a performance record of 99.9% would still leave 3,000 parts that could fail -- any one of which might result in the deaths of the crew. With the exception of Apollo 13, the spacecraft lived up to expectations on every lunar mission, and even Apollo 13, after a major explosion, managed to circle the Moon and bring its crew home safely.で買う

  • [31] Apollo Eecom: Journey of a Lifetime


    Apogee Books / CGPublishing 2003/04 JPY3,170(USD29.95)

    Behind every NASA space mission there were literally thousands of people involved in design, manufacture, support, management, etc. Most of these people had the opportunity to plan their work in detail and then test and refine it until it was as good as could be. Mission Control, however, was quite a different situation - in the midst of a mission there is no time for lengthy investigations, and your answers had better be right first time and every time; lives depend on it. Most of what we learn about NASA's space missions comes from statements carefully planned and massaged by managers and public relations people. With Apollo EECOM: Journey of a Lifetime we finally get an insider's view of how the Flight Controllers operated and just what they faced when events were crucial. This book is the life story of Sy Liebergot, former NASA Flight Controller, with emphasis on his years working in Mission Control.で買う

  • [32] A Vision of Future Space Transportation: A Visual Guide to Future Spacecraft Concepts


    Apogee Books / CGPublishing 2003/04/25 JPY2,958(USD27.95)

    The Official Publication of SpaceDay 2003! The glorious space age has come and gone. So what now? What's next? To go further, to go faster, we must take the next step. Space is still full of mystery and challenges humankind as much as ever. Ideas on what the next step, or steps vary greatly and there is no shortage of concepts for the future of space transportation. Concepts include new engines, new strategies, harnessing gravity, electromagnetism, nuclear energy and more. This book will take you on a guided visual tour of the future of space transportation. From Earth to Orbit to In-Space transportation, you will sample what is being considered and get an easy-to-understand explanation of what the spacecraft will do and how it will work.で買う

  • [33] Space Trivia


    Apogee Books / CGPublishing 2003/05 JPY2,112(USD19.95)

    What city turned its lights on and off to signal an astronaut? Which astronaut was born in China? Who got the first haircut in space? Which shuttle never made it into orbit? According to their psychologist, what one thing did the first seven astronauts fear?.で買う

  • [34] Interstellar Travel and Multi-Generational Space Ships


    Apogee Books / CGPublishing 2003/06 JPY2,641(USD24.95)

    Instead of blindly following popular preconceptions and biases about matters that we have not yet had the chance to test or verify, examined inthis volume is our current of knowledge, as well as our present state or ignorance, on subjects related to interstellar travel.で買う

  • [35] Dyna-Soar: Hypersonic Strategic Weapons System


    Apogee Books / CGPublishing 2003/06 JPY3,487(USD32.95)で買う

  • [36] The Rocket Team


    Apogee Books / CGPublishing 2003/10 JPY3,698(USD34.95)

    For the first time The Rocket Team is now accompanied by a DVD-Video featuring nearly five hours of rare footage of the Rockt Team's extraordinary legacy. This remarkable collection includes hours of rare historical footage of early German rocket pioneers from the 1920's. A host of video clips of rocket launches from the 1920's to the 1960's including a documentary on America's first satellite Explorer 1. Two extremely rare lectures by Wernher von Braun, filmed ten years apart, explaining his vision for manned space flight. Very low-generation color film footage of the V-2 being launched in the 1940's from Peenemunde and White Sands, New Mexico. The final tests before America ventured into space is featured in documentaries aout the early flights of von Braun's Redstone. Official government footage explaining the huge undertaking that became von Braun's Saturn rocket with period animations. The first primates in space were the famous Able-Baker monkeys. A documentary from the early days of the space race explores their flight. A tribute to Mr Missile Major General Holger Toftoy, the man who brought the Rocket Team together in America.で買う

  • [37] Sigma 7: The Six Orbits of Walter M. Schirra : The Nasa Mission Reports


    Apogee Books / CGPublishing 2003/09 JPY2,112(USD19.95)

    October 3, 1962 - "Sigma 7" - MERCURY-ATLAS 8. This flight of six orbits by Astronaut Wlater M. Shirra covered approximetely 160,000 miles and reached an apogee altitude of 152.8 nautical miles.で買う

  • [38] Women of Space: Cool Careers on the Final Frontier


    Apogee Books / CGPublishing 2003/10 JPY2,857(USD22.95)

    Ther are all kinds of cool careers in space exploration! Astronauts are the superstars of space, but there are thousands of other women and men behind the scenes who make girls, young women, and anyone else interested in learnin about exciting careers in space exploration.で買う

  • [39] Columbia Accident Investigation Board


    Apogee Books / CGPublishing 2003/10 JPY2,746(USD25.95)

    The Gehman Board Report to NASA on the Space Shuttle Program Also Included: The Official NASA Press Conference with NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe in response to the CAIB report.で買う

  • [40] Gemini 12: The Nasa Mission Reports


    Apogee Books / CGPublishing 2004/02 JPY2,112(USD19.95)

    The final document in this book has been added mainly for the curious. It reflects on a plan to actually use the mated Gemini-Agena to send astronauts around the moon. Although today it may seem to have been an especially audcious plan - particularly given the notoriously unreliable nature of Agena - at the time it was given serious consideration. In fact the original project Gemini chief engineer, Jim Chamberlin, had espoused such an idea back in March of 1961 before Gemini had flown its first flight, such was his confidence in the vehicle which he and his team were bringing to fruition. Chamberlin was a notably brilliant designer who had come to the fledging Space Task Group (STG) when the Avro Arrow CF-105 program had been concelled in Canada. Robert Gilruth had placed Chamberlin at the top of the engineering division at STG and in early 1961 he had been assigned the problem of coming up with an advanced Mercury spacecraft.で買う

  • [41] The Simple Universe


    Apogee Books / CGPublishing 2004/02 JPY2,323(USD21.95)

    This book enlightens us by providing the historical context of the quest to understand our universe. It also addresses the issues of Creationism versus Science, showing us that there is really no conflict involved. It is written in a way that anyone can understand.で買う

  • [42] New Moon Rising: The Making Of America's New Space Vision And The Remaking Of NASA


    Apogee Books / CGPublishing 2004/07/31 JPY3,593(USD33.95)

    Readers will have the most comprehensive look available on what this new space vision will do for human exploration of the solar system-and how nearly everything NASA does will change as a result.で買う

  • [43] Moonrush: Improving Life On Earth With The Moon's Resources


    Apogee Books / CGPublishing 2004/07/31 JPY2,641(USD24.95)

    This book examines how the exploration of space, specifically a commercial base on the Moon and Mars would transform our economies on the Earth as surely as the discovery of the New World transformed the old world of Europe.で買う

  • [44] Mars : the Nasa Mission Reports Vol.2


    Apogee Books / CGPublishing 2004/04 JPY3,064(USD28.95)

    In this sequel, the reader is brought up to date with the most recent results from our nearest neighbour. Filled with a wealth of facts about the latest fleet of Martian explorers as well as a look at what may be coming next in mankind's most ambitious quest for knowledge.で買う

  • [45] Rocket Science: Rocket Science in the Second Millennuim


    Apogee Books / CGPublishing 2004/10/30 JPY2,218(USD20.95)

    Comprehensive account of the past, present and future of rockets, missiles and space propulsion systems, presented in an interesting fashion that accommodates the non-scientist.で買う

  • [46] How Nasa Learned To Fly in Space: An Exciting Account Of The Gemini Missions


    Apogee Books / CGPublishing 2004/08/30 JPY2,746(USD25.95)

    We had to learn how to manoeuvre with precision to rendezvous and to dock; to work outside in the hard vacuum of space; to endure long-duration in the weightless environment; and to learn how to make precise landings from orbital flight - that is where the Gemini Program came in.で買う

  • [47] Virtual LM: A Pictoral Essay Of The Engineering And Construction Of The Apollo Lunar Module, The Historic Spacecraft That Landed Man On The Moon


    Apogee Books / CGPublishing 2004/10/31 JPY3,170(USD29.95)

    The Apollo Lunar Module is revealed in this book to be both an engineering masterpiece and a work of art.で買う

  • [48] Deep Space: The Nasa Mission Reports


    Apogee Books / CGPublishing 2005/04 JPY3,698(USD34.95)

    Continuing with Apogee's acclaimed NASA Mission Reports Series this latest entry covers all of the unmanned deep space probes including Pioneer 10 and 11, Voyager 1 and 2, Galileo and Cassini, NEAR, Stardust and Deep Space One.で買う

  • [49] Space Tourism: Do You Want To Go?


    Apogee Books / CGPublishing 2004/09/30 JPY2,218(USD20.95)

    The Space Tourism Quest is the first book published in the United States on the space tourism theme. It was written and designed by one of the worlds leading authorities and pioneers in the growing field of space tourism, space architect, John Spencer.で買う

  • [50] Apollo 12: The NASA Mission Reports Vol.2


    Apogee Books / CGPublishing 2004/11/24 JPY2,641(USD24.95)

    Captured here are the details of leaky spacesuits, rockets struck by lightning, spacesuit cooling systems which stopped working and cameras which were disabled by dust. It's all here accompanied by hours of rare and unique video of the Apollo 12 mission.で買う

  • [51] Atlas: The Ultimate Weapon by Those Who Built It


    Apogee Books / CGPublishing 2005/06 JPY3,135(USD29.95)

    Atlas - The Ultimate Weapon is the story of the Atlas rocket, Americas first Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM), and workhorse of the civil and military space programs since the late 1950s.で買う

  • [52] Reflections From Earth Orbit


    Apogee Books / CGPublishing 2005/08/24 JPY3,135(USD23.95)

    It is a book about life as told through the memories, or reflections, of the author navy Captain Winston Scott. These reflections were prompted by events that occurred during two space shuttle missions as a NASA astronaut aboard the space shuttles Endeavour and Columbia.で買う

  • [53] The Real Space Cowboys


    Apogee Books / CGPublishing 2005/05 JPY3,170(USD29.95)

    Alan Shepard, Gordon Cooper, Gus Grissom, John Glenn, Scott Carpenter, Wally Schirra and Deke Slayton would become known as the Mercury Seven (M7). These men, who had jockeyed for the best flying jobs in the military, began competing for rides on rockets.で買う

  • [54] Saturn V: The Complete Manufacturing And Test Records Plus Supplemental Material


    Apogee Books / CGPublishing 2005/06/01 JPY3,505(USD27.95)

    This includes the 45 flight stages built and all of the various test stages. Most of the stages ended up being launched. Some are in museums, some were destroyed on the ground and some are so obscure they are detailed for the first time in this book.で買う

  • [55] On To Mars: Exploring And Settling A New World Vol.2


    Apogee Books / CGPublishing 2005/09 JPY2,641(USD22.95)

    The exploration and colonization of Mars, as discussed in the more than 130 papers and essays from the Mars Society's annual conferences, is presented in this second volume of the On to Mars series. Formed in 1998 to support the exploration and settlement of Mars, the Mars Society seeks to educate and convince political powers, industry leaders, and the public about the necessity of committing resources to the development of a Mars settlement program. Covering recent technological and planning advances, these essays cover the last three years of Mars Society meetings and discuss such topics as habitat infrastructure, exploration technique, and colony organization as they have been explored at the Mars Society's Analog Research Stations at Devon Island, Nunavuit in Canada and in Hanksville, Utah. Two short videos, Stepping Stones to Mars and Robert Zubrin's testimony before the Senate Committee on Commerce at the Hearings on the Future of the U.S. Space Program, are featured on the included CD-ROM.で買う

  • [56] Getting Off The Planet: Training Astronauts


    Apogee Books / CGPublishing 2006/01 JPY2,535(USD18.95)

    Getting off the Planet is the story of how a group of dedicated scientists, working with some of the nation's finest pilots, prepared for space flight by meticulous research and patient, relentless testing.で買う

  • [57] Return to the Moon


    Apogee Books / CGPublishing 2005/11/09 JPY2,951(USD22.95)

    In this volume of essays, the top experts and major players behind the United States's recently renewed push to the moon fuel a growing debate over lunar exploration. The announcement in 2004 that the U.S. would be revamping its moon program inspired both excitement about the possibilities and concern over cost and safety issues. This book takes the controversy out of the realm of pure science and into the mainstream of national debate. Lunar experts Alan Binder, Andy Chaikin, Yoji Kondo, Courtney Stadd, Frank White, and many others weigh in on the case for a return, point out the best way to do it, and speculate on what could be done with this newly obtained real estate. The essays are accompanied by illustrations of what life on the moon might look like. Contributions come from different perspectives and styles, offering a broad take on the very real possibility that humans will again walk―and work, live, and play―on the lunar landscape. From telescopes and tourism, to training for Mars, to building a new branch of humanity and saving the Earth, this compendium makes the case for sending people back to the moon.で買う

  • Apollo Spacecraft - News Reference


    Periscope Film LLC / ApogeeBooks 2005/11/26 USD60.00

    NASAが発行したApollo Spacecraft News Referenceの復刻版です。 詳しい構造説明だけでなく、他では見られない貴重な写真や図版も豊富。 設計者によるアポロ宇宙船(CSM)と月着陸船(LM)のハードウェアに関する詳細な説明が500ページにわたって書かれているマニュアルで、 本物はオークションで $6,000を超える金額で取り引きされています。 このレプリカは、表紙も全てのページもオリジナルそのまま。 さらにLMの開発記録映像と静止画を大量に格納したDVDディスクが付いてUSD60.00です。 長らく出版社であるApogee Booksからの直販だけでしか購入できませんでしたが、2011年6月より一般書店でも扱われるようになりました。で買う