How to fly Bebop Drone / How to use FreeFlight Pro

Did you finish Bebop Drone setup? Here we explain how to set and fly Bebop Drone.
There is a place where the flight of drones is prohibited. To select of flight location, let's consideration where not to disturb other people around.

Bebop Drone settings

Bebop Drone Did you finish Bebop Drone setup? Then please connect the battery to Bebop Drone and power on.
After start Bebop Drone, connect "BebopDrone_xxxxxx" from 設定-[Wi-Fi]-[Wi-Fi] menu on iPod/iPad/iPhone. And start FreeFlight Pro App. Then tap "FLY & FILM" menu.
Bebop Drone Then iPod / iPad / iPhone screen will change like this. Video taken with front camera of Bebop Drone is displayed entire screen, and various control buttons are displayed overlay.
Please put Bebop Drone horizontally in the center of large room. If wind is strong, close the window to shut the wind.
Hold iPod / iPad / iPhone horizontally.
Bebop Drone Tap Bebop Drone Setup in the top left of the screen to open setting menu. When you flick the screen to the left or right, you can see a number of configuration items.
Tap Bebop Drone Back in the top left of the screen to return flight.
In addition, if you tap Bebop Drone Reset in the top right of the screen, will be reset to factory default settings. The videos and photos stored in the Bebop Drone will be also deleted.
Pilotting settings
Bebop Drone You can select operation type in "Ace" "Standard" "Joypad" at "Piloting Mode" menu. Tap the Bebop Drone change controll to excange controller position for Left-handed.
Control ascent, descent and rotation by dragging the left controller. Hold down left controller and tilt iPod / iPad / iPhone to move forward, back, left and right. Change the direction of the camera by dragging the right controller.
Control ascent, descent and rotation by dragging the left controller. Hold down right controller and tilt iPod / iPad / iPhone to move forward, back, left and right. Change camera angle by dragging up, down, left, or right the screen with two fingers.
Control ascent, descent and rotation by dragging the left controller. Control forward, back, left and right move by dragging the right controller. Change camera angle by dragging up, down, left, or right the screen with two fingers.
"Normal" is the same operation as AR.Drone. The "Normal" might be easy to use for beginner. We'll explain how to operate in "Normal" mode in the following description.
Other settings should be fine as it is.
Bebop Drone More settings are available down below. "Max inclination" specify the maximum angle of Bebop Drone during horizontal movement. The larger, can move at higher speed.
"Max tilt speed" specify the rate of angular change speed.
"Max vertical speed" can change ascent / descent speed.
"Max rotaion speed" can change rotaion speed to left and right.
"Banked turn" specify whether or not to take a bank in the flight attitude when turning.
When using the Hull for indoors, set "Hull" on in "Accessory selection".
Position, Distances and limits
Bebop Drone If you tap "Calibrate", start the calibration of the magnetic sensor. Before flight, put Drone on horizontal position then tap "Flat trim" to perform "Horizontal adjustment".
"Max altitude" specify the upper limit of the altitude of Bebop Drone. Even if you want flight higher altitude, considering the reach of radio waves, it is safe to set about 50m.
"Max distance" specify the maximum distance from the operator. Radio waves reachs up to 2km when you use Skycontroller, but normally it is safe to set about 50m.
"Geofence" specify whether to use Geofence. For safety, let's turn it on.
Return Home
Bebop Drone By tapping the RTH icon while flying, you can return Bebop Drone back to the starting point using built-in GPS. "GPS signal" shows the radio intensity of the GPS satellite currently supplemented. In the "Return Delay ..." column, you can set the time to start returning to takeoff point when the wireless connection between Bebop Drone and iPod / iPad / iPhone is disconnected.
Video parameters
Bebop Drone Set the various value for taking videos and photos. See How to take videos and photos with Bebop Drone page for more information.
Network setting
Bebop Drone This is configuration of Wi-Fi channel to connect iPod / iPad / iPhone.
In the column "Network name" you can specify the network name of the Bebop Drone that appears in iPod / iPad / iPhone Wi-Fi screen. To reflect the changes, you must reboot the Bebop Drone. You can use only alphanumeric or "_" in 32 characters or less.
Select your country in "Location". And if you flight outdoors, tap "Outdoor".
You can select channel manually in "Wi-Fi band". 2.4GHz band reachs long distance but congested. 5GHz band is relatively vacant, but outdoor use is prohibited in some countries. In addition, old iPod / iPad / iPhone models support only 2.4GHz.
Graph of the bottom of the screen shows the radio waves of congestion for each frequency. The concentration of the graph showed the order to congestion. When turn on manual mode, you can switch to any channel.
Wi-Fi channel can be switched in Bebop Drone body alone. Press the power button about 5 seconds when Bebop Drone powered on, LED is turned green after once turned orange, channel will be switched between 2.4GHz - 5GHz.
Wi-Fi reach distance of iPad series is better than iPhone. So I recommend you use it if you have iPad series.
Confirmation of machine information
Bebop Drone If you want to check various information including firmware version, tap the name of Bebop Drone on this screen.
Bebop Drone You can confirm like this.

Bebop Drone first flight

Take-off, hovering

Tap Bebop Drone take-off at the bottom of the screen center one time, Then Bebop Drone take off and hovering in altitude 1m automatically. During hovering flight, Bebop Drone trying to stay in place without user operation. Then tap Bebop Drone landing one time, Bebop Drone will make landing. Propeller stops.

Horizontal movement

First tap Bebop Drone take-off to make hovering flight. Then slowly tilting the iPod / iPad / iPhone fornt and back or left and right with holding the center of right controller. Bebop Drone will moves horizontally fornt and back or left and right while maintaining the altitude and attitude.
If you feel you have botched the operation, tap immediately Bebop Drone landing to make landing.
Note: Bebop Drone tries to keep constant altitude using ultrasound altimeter. When flying over objects protruding from the floor, like tables or chairs, it automatically ascent and tries to keep a high altitude. Often it will be hit the lighting fixtures and ceiling at that time.

Ascent / Descent, Rotation

First tap Bebop Drone take-off to make hovering flight.
Then try to drag up or down with holding the center of the left controller, Bebop Drone perform ascent or descent on that spot.
Drag left or right with holding the center of the left controller, Bebop Drone perform rotation on that spot.

If you tap "Emergency" button on the top of the screen, propeller will stop immediately and Bebop Drone will get dropped. Please use this button when the emergency occurred.
When you have finished the flight, tap Bebop Drone Back on the top left of the screen to return menu screen.

You can obtain information about the Bebop Drone from the following link.

Flight introduction video by Parrot

Watch on YouTube large screen

Take videos and photos

See below for details.

Acrobatic flight

Bebop Drone can perform preset somersault (FLIP) flight to four directions. This is a pretty flashy action. Please note it will hit the ground when low altitude, or fly to unexpected direction while it is not stationary. Further, when flying with battery for AR.Drone, the battery will drop off. When performing acrobatic flight, please let fly with battery for Bebop Drone.
Bebop Drone
Tap Bebop Drone noflip then you can see this screen. Select action from
Bebop Drone frontflip : Forward rotation
Bebop Drone backflip : Back rotation
Bebop Drone leftflip : Left rotation
Bebop Drone rightflip : Right rotation
Bebop Drone noflip : No action
Bebop Drone
Which any action has been selected (red frame in the figure), double tap the portion at any buttons are not displayed (black part in the figure), acrobatic flight fires.

Maps / Return to starting point

You can view the flight location on the map during the flight.
Bebop Drone When you are piloting a Bebop Drone, every time you tap Bebop Drone mapmode , screen will be switch between map view and camera view.
Starting point has been displayed by the house icon.
Return to starting point
Bebop Drone When Bebop Drone capture a radio wave of GPS in the outdoors, and tap "Return to home" icon, Bebop Drone will come back to the starting point automatically. In returning flight, altitude will be maintained in about 10m. And hovering in about 2m when it reached to the starting point. Of course if you operate iPod / iPad / iPhone in returning flight, Bebop Drone will follow it.
In addition, if communication between iPod / iPad / iPhone and Bebop Drone is disrupted for more than two minutes, Bebop Drone will come back to the starting point too.

Look back on flight record

With PARROT CLOUD, you can look back flight of Bebop Drone ( altitude, speed and so on ) from later. See below for details.

Initialization / reset

There are two ways to initialize / reset Bebop Drone to factory default.
Bebop Drone One way is to use the FreeFlight Pro app. In connection with the Bebop Drone, tap Bebop Drone Setup in the top left of the screen, then tap Bebop Drone Reset in the top right of the screen. Then it will be reset to factory default settings.
Bebop Drone Another way to use the power button. When Bebop Drone has powerd up, press and hold the power button for about 10 seconds. After LED flashes green and orange, then turn into green, it will be reset to factory default settings, and power will be down.
Note: When initialize has done, videos and photos stored in Bebop Drone will be also deleted.

Increase battery life

The battery type of Bebop Drone is lithium-ion (Li-Polymer) battery as well as iPod / iPad / iPhone and laptops. If it is left in a state of "full charge" or "empty" long time, battery will be deteriorated, and will not be able to charge again. Therefore, you must keep the state about 50% charge when not in use for a long time. (Once you run out of battery in the flight, charge it about 20 minutes then it will be recovered to about 60%.)
In addition, if shirttail charge repeated many times, there is a case where built-in microcomputer to control (remaining management) the charge would crazy. In this case, despite of enough remaining, battery exhaustion will be displayed. When this happens, try to repeat several times full charge at once, then continuously use until stop empty battery, it may be repaired.
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