Apollo Screen Saver
Lunar Module
Here is an Apollo Lunar Module 3D Screen Saver. LM will be fly in your screen.
Anyway, this screen saver requires high 3D graphic performance. This program can not run without powerful 3D graphic card. Lunar Module 3D data in this screen saver was made by Shade Professional series
Powered by Shade.
APOLLO 3D Screen Saver APOLLO 3D Screen Saver APOLLO 3D Screen Saver APOLLO 3D Screen Saver
This apprication is free software.

Apollo Screen Saver Version 00.02(22.Feb.2003)
compressed file(3dapollo.zip 1,239,101bytes)
This program is compressed with Zip format. Uncompress with Windows Zip uncompress function.
This file was verified for no infection of computer virus. This was checked by McAfee VirusScan V4.5.1 SP1(Data 4.0.4248/Engine4.1.60).

Now you can get flight simulator too.
Click to jump to download page.
Flight simulator
There is no installer for this program. Just uncompress the archived file and copy "3DAPOLLO.scr" into "C:\WINDOWS" ("C:\WINNT" on Windows2000) holder!!
If your OS is Windows2000,WindowsMe,Windows98SE, then you must install DirectX(version 8.1 or later). Please get DirectX from Microsoft DirectX page.
If your OS is Windows Vista or XP, DirectX8.1(or later) was already installed. So you don't need install again.

After you copy "3DAPOLLO.scr" into "C:\WINDOWS"("C:\WINNT" on Windows2000) holder, you must do following settings.

Display FPS
If you check this, 3D performance parameter (FPS:Frame Per Second) will be appear on left up of screen.
FPS means 'how many times your PC could refresh screen in one second'. Larger number means good performance of your PC's graphic card. With recent powerfull graphic card, FPS becomes over 140 on this screen saver.

Do BUMP and Environment mapping
If you check this, bump mapping and environment mapping will be performed. Bump mapping is technic for represent bumpy on the object. And environment mapping represent reflection on the object. Using these technic needs graphic card's HW function. If your graphic card did not support these technic, bump mapping and environment mapping will not be performed regardless of checking this check box.

Display particles
If you check this, RCS rocket jet will be performed with 'Particle' technic. Particle give the high load to graphic card. If your graphic card do not have enough performance, Try off this feature.

Screen resolution
If you select '640x480 fix', screen resolution will be swithed to 640x480 pixel (low resolution). Or select 'follow to desktop resolution', desktop (high) resolution will be used. Some low performance graphic card can not display 3D graphics with desktop (high) resolution. If yours are so, please select '640x480 fix'.

Initialize settings
If you want to reset settings, please delete setting file. Setting file "3dapollo.ini" will be generated under "C:\windows" holder. If you get some trouble with change these settings, try delete this setting file.

If you find this dialog box, I'm afraid your computer's 3D graphic performance is insufficiency. Please arrange more powerful 3D graphic card.

This program do NOT change any system datas like registry and so on. But setting file "3dapollo.ini" will be generated under "C:\windows" holder. So you can uninstall perfectly with just delete the "3DAPOLLO.scr" and "3dapollo.ini" file.

This program is freeware.

This software, and all accompanying files, data and materials, are distributed "AS IS" and with no warranties of any kind, whether express or implied. Copyright (C) 2002 by Takeshi Muto. All rights reserved. No part of this program , data , textures may be copied or distributed, transmitted, transcribed in a retrieval system or translated into any computer or human language in any form by any means without permission of Takeshi Muto.

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